Media delays calling election

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The Media are holding out for a victory for their chosen candidate.

That is wrong in so many ways…

It is not the mandate of the press to take sides in an election yet that is what happened in this 2016 election.

The people have spoken…

It is time that the media stop picking sides.

See how long it takes for the media to admit that they failed.

The media failed to brain wash the public.

Even now Google is showing false results.

Is it time that this nation examines the validity of the media?

Should we now begin to consider taking action against rogue media when they fail the American People.

The truth is what you see, everyone in the media were against him.

Jeb Bush broke his word…

The Bush Family Refused to even Vote?

This is why We the People have voted.

WE have voted because America needs change…

America made a choice between two different visions for the future of this nation.

  Rejected are the policies of failure we have seen for the last eight years. 

Rejected by the people…

Political correctness.

Illogical ideology is what has created this election cycle.

The only thing that remains is for the Fat Lady to sing….

(does that offend you?)

Americans are ready for real change.