The Real Truth about the 2016 election

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By now even the most careless person who has little interest in the election has seen a few minutes of television coverage about this election and the truth is a simple and shining example of how the media can only do so much to throw or rig the election.

We have seen examples of personal bias in Megyn Kelly.

Personal Bias by many of the news commentators or contributors as they call them.

Such as Charles Krauthhammer, Dana Perino and others, all of whom have distorted the news in false flag narratives that fit in with what the production teams want to push for any particular day.

This is dishonest both on the part of the production of the so called news and those that participate.

Want to know more…

So the Media are outraged?

They say things like “He is not acting Presidential”   Excuse me but the current occupant has not acted presidential at all.

Are they afraid that Trump will have a beer at the Whitehouse?

He will not be Sending back the bust of Churchill…

Still the media are so so upset that Trump has made it this far.

They were sure he would not last a week.

But they were wrong, then they drew a line in the sand and when Trump passed that line in the sand they said, Oh he has done it now, oh its over now, he will drop out of the race soon…

But they were wrong…

Time and time again we have seen examples where the talking heads were wrong both personally and privately as well as their opinion was contrived and also WRONG…

It is not about having an opinion you can do that sure everyone is welcome to have one but when that opinion is solely used to push a candidate out of a race that is wrong because it ceases to be about opinion and becomes interference.

During the last debate Chris Wallace allowed Hillary Clinton to go on and on about how a government was interfering with the election.

That was wrong not only because it is a false narrative but because they have no proof it was the Russians.

It was just wrong to do that yet they allowed it and that is the most disgusting thing in the world.

The reason that is so disgusting is a simple one.

The media have interfered with this election and previous elections far more than any other nation on the face of this planet.

So, that is quite the kettle calling the pot black correct?

Definitely, the media influence and pander, they follow stories they know are incorrect and wrong then later they devote either no time to retracting the incorrect storyline or they spend a few seconds on the apology.

We have a triple standard here and that is also very wrong.

What really surprises me is why all of these big corporations spend money advertising on these short sighted and poorly organized media organizations.

Perhaps these advertisers also think that the American People are ignorant and stupid as well as the media.


It seems fairly obvious the members of the media do not like Donald Trump and they want to do what ever they possibly can to see that he does not become president.

Now when you think about that you just have to laugh when they start to accuse some other government of interfering with the election.

It would seem that it is the media that is far more Quilty of doing that.