Eating your hat

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Will the media have to eat its hat?

We are still looking at what is going on and that is something that many people feel the media is actively misleading the public over the state of the 2016 election.

The truth is beginning to come out and the media may have to eat its hat.

What is really funny here is how the press is attempting to come up with all of these odd predictions.

If Trump does this and Trump does that then this may happen?

It is funny to watch because earlier they were talking about how Trump could not win Florida…

Now they are moving on to other states and saying the same thing…

You have to wonder just how stupid the media think that you the voter is.

Now they are talking about Nevada as the “Bell Weather” State.

This is very entertaining…

No matter what keeps happening the news media continue to paint this picture of how Trump Cant win…

But the fact here is clear…

Trump is winning and the Media are doing everything they can to deny it and delay it but will they be able to defend the lies they are telling.

Fox news is just as guilty as many of the other ignorant media Bobble heads.

The story is unfolding and in the end of the day there is only night.


All of the predictions have turned out to be fizzle and pop.

Over the last four months the Media have spend hours and hours trying to convince the voters of America that Donald J Trump had no change to win.