Remember Acid Rain?

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Do you remember the Acid Rain, media debacle?

Would you believe that they are still trying to make people believe that acid rain is killing trees and that it is causing global warming?

It is really silly and to demonstrate just how silly that actually is here is a video that we feel demonstrates just how silly acid rain actually is.

As you may know now, the video has nothing to do with acid rain really, its just a girl having fun with her best friend.

That is about how much acid rain and global warming are creating problems for the earth.

You see what these people out there that are flaunting these ignorant scenarios do not seem to understand is that humanity while significant have not really be able to control the weather or earthquakes.

We cannot stop a tsunami from causing great and significant damage to buildings and humans.

We cannot stop a tornado from destroying a forest or a home.

We cannot stop a hurricane either.

You see what is so obvious to everyone else but these poor illiterate people who believe in such things as global warming is not that these situations may be a problem it is the idea that they (the ignorant) can actually do anything about the problem.

How Silly is That.

They think that they are so smart that they can stop something from happening, it would be nice if they could do that, but sadly no one has ever been able to stop the forces of nature from its appointed actions.

We are as helpless to stop a flood as we are a tornado.

Forces of nature are excluded from just about all insurance contracts the reason why is simple, (besides insurance companies being corrupt) you cannot predict what nature may do and you cannot stop it either.

So, acid rain, global warming, climate change…

These things mean less than nothing, simply because honest scientists will tell you that we do not know for certain if any of these things are even real much less that we might be able to halt or stop nature.

That would be the most ignorant thing ever.