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double standard flap

The geese are hollering, the geese being the liberal media Trying to slant the news and present biased views as truth.

It is of course a lie which most people can clearly see.

Perhaps in the 1950s when the average education level was 5th or sixth grade, we have now evolved, were no longer ignorant, we have the internet and that has been a very powerful tool to expose bias in the media.

One Cable News Channel has made Millions and Millions of dollars presenting an opposing view to the once powerful broadcast media segment.

Broadcast media no longer matters because most Americans use the Internet and since broadcast media has reached its maximum market penetration most people do not even watch it, they watch cable because it usually comes with the internet.

Yet they (The media) continue to speak lies into the ears of willing viewers few though they may be. 

Watch this video and tell me what you see, its so obvious to most people, yet they continue to attempt to insert their view point over the truth.

That is wrong and that is also why traditional journalism has indeed also reached its Zenith in this marketplace.

Newspapers are going under, mostly because paper is getting to be a commodity because of the trees that have to be cut down every year, just to keep printing news papers which is sort of a problem when you consider that the liberal media are confessed tree huggers.

Hey, I love trees too, no problem, but I only consume digital media, so the local news papers are failing as a business model.

So, I guess you could continue to kill trees for a newspaper that will not be read Or make the move to the digital world, its digital now and people communicate about complex issues in forums and in other digital marketplaces.

It is time that we begin to report the news, to be reporters again to stop slanting the news.

That would indeed be an amazing world, a world worth voting for…


Remember Acid Rain?

Do you remember the Acid Rain, media debacle?

Would you believe that they are still trying to make people believe that acid rain is killing trees and that it is causing global warming?

It is really silly and to demonstrate just how silly that actually is here is a video that we feel demonstrates just how silly acid rain actually is.

As you may know now, the video has nothing to do with acid rain really, its just a girl having fun with her best friend.

That is about how much acid rain and global warming are creating problems for the earth.

You see what these people out there that are flaunting these ignorant scenarios do not seem to understand is that humanity while significant have not really be able to control the weather or earthquakes.

We cannot stop a tsunami from causing great and significant damage to buildings and humans.

We cannot stop a tornado from destroying a forest or a home.

We cannot stop a hurricane either.

You see what is so obvious to everyone else but these poor illiterate people who believe in such things as global warming is not that these situations may be a problem it is the idea that they (the ignorant) can actually do anything about the problem.

How Silly is That.

They think that they are so smart that they can stop something from happening, it would be nice if they could do that, but sadly no one has ever been able to stop the forces of nature from its appointed actions.

We are as helpless to stop a flood as we are a tornado.

Forces of nature are excluded from just about all insurance contracts the reason why is simple, (besides insurance companies being corrupt) you cannot predict what nature may do and you cannot stop it either.

So, acid rain, global warming, climate change…

These things mean less than nothing, simply because honest scientists will tell you that we do not know for certain if any of these things are even real much less that we might be able to halt or stop nature.

That would be the most ignorant thing ever.


Merry Christmas

This is the time of year when you can listen to the old songs and still be hip. 

Christmas time is the best time of the year, a time when you can watch Miracle on 34th street. 

Children can watch Frosty the snowman, all the classics and all the great tasting food. 


More than anything else it is about the birth of a savior a man who laid down his life for you. 

This year, as in the past there has been an ongoing attack on Christmas, from the decorated trees to 
any belief that does not agree with what they think you should believe in. 

It is no longer popular or even permitted in many places to say Merry Christmas, yet they can say anything they want to say and its ok. 

They can have all manner of monsters, ghouls and goblins, and its ok, but the moment you have an original thought they will pounce upon you and attempt to do everything they can do to take away your freedom of speech, your freedom of choice and your freedom to do what ever you want to do. 

They expect to have the freedom to do what they want to do but they will not be tolerant of anything you want to do. 

They expect for you to be tolerant of the way they behave but they will not tolerate you at all. 

This is not only stupid but evil and where  ever and when ever you see it, refuse to do business with that company. 

If it is a bank take your money out of it, If it is a retail store, refuse to buy anything from them, that is your choice and they cannot take it away from you. 

Most of all Merry Christmas because they cannot take away your voice though they might try.

In a nation of freedom its time to put christ where he belongs in this season make it a merry Christmas.
In a nation of freedom its time to put christ where he belongs in this season make it a merry Christmas.




Taxes taxes

Could it be that easy, fundamentally changing the Tax system, and eliminating the reams of paperwork required every year, I suspect you might save a nation of trees, by doing this.  Yet, it seems as if the politicians do not want to do anything to change the way things are.

If you think about it I suspect they are quite comfortable with how things are, most of them are rich, in fact millionaires, and even perhaps some that are billionaires and billionaires-es, yet they seem to have this idea that banks are evil, (perhaps they are who knows for sure) but something remains very clear, the way things have been done in the past must change.


Imagine what might happen if the government decided to decide what was to be changed and what was not to be changed.


Presidents plan failure?

Is the presidents plan a failure before it ever makes it to a paper copy

and is that going to kill trees?

When you try to do the same thing over and over again, and it fails over and over again, when do you have to say to yourself, I need to do something different this time?

Even the dumbest American knows this, (Why does the president not know and understand this)

Does a promise to cut spending, later, (in the future) translate into real cuts?

The answer to that is No, sorry it does not.

The senate now wants to tax the rich, does anyone really believe in the robin hood fairy tail these days?

If you do, perhaps you should run for congress or the senate because apparently people up there believe in anything and everything including allegedly unicorns.




Crow does it again

Well after a long absence, from the public eye, the singer, or I guess she still sings, who knows for sure, sometimes you just have to say what are they thinking after a 2007 comment about using only one sheet of toliet paper, ( so we can save the trees )

Sorry, that is just funny, you go girl…

Go somewhere else, because you will never sell a record at this house, no matter how crazy you act.

Guess who was at the bottom of this latest alleged tirade, none other than couric, who used to be popular but now is just a reminder that no amount of alleged, late night visits to doctors can help your face look better.

Oh well, I guess you just never know, at least they are honest, right, even if they are wrong.

So what is up with the most recent, comments, about the tea party not being educated.

Funny, we could say the same thing about you.

Crazy people but you know what is different about us tea party people and you.

We do not depend on the public good will to sell records.

You do, but then again, you really should not expect, to sell too many of your records, when you insult, America, do you really think your going to be popular?

Do you really think we care about your use of toilet paper?