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Partisan Politics on the Bench

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As many of you no doubt now know, democrats do not respect the law nor its origins.

They believe that nothing applies to them because they are different.

They are wrong…


Let me just reiterate. We’re gonna get into this in detail, by the way.  I’m gonna share with you some of the comments that are out there.  We’ll discuss all the different analysis about Obama and the replacement for Justice Scalia, but it’s really gonna come down to the Republicans, and they’re saying are the right things right now.

I’ve noticed McConnell said that president “should not” make an appointment during the final year.  We’ve got Schumer and the Democrat Party hypocrisy where they have advocated exactly what the Republicans advocate for today, but they’re acting like nobody remembers them saying it and so forth.  I’ll get into all of that.  But McConnell did not say “would.”  He said “should.”  He did not say, “No way, not ever, no how is Obama gonna get a nominee.”  He said he “shouldn’t.”  There’s wiggle room there.


Liars and any other number of blasphemers.

So the democrats have gotten two appointments over the last seven years, but now they want a third.

You would find it quite difficult to find it the other way around.

So, when Harry Reid, dams himself, by saying something like congress and the senate has a duty to perform their oaths.

Perhaps he should consult his own dereliction of duty concerning the budget.

So, you wanted the lower threshold, for votes, great, lets see how it feels when its on the other foot.

Remember Obama Care?

We sure do….

You know what else, there once was a man from nantucket…