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Partisan Politics on the Bench

As many of you no doubt now know, democrats do not respect the law nor its origins.

They believe that nothing applies to them because they are different.

They are wrong…


Let me just reiterate. We’re gonna get into this in detail, by the way.  I’m gonna share with you some of the comments that are out there.  We’ll discuss all the different analysis about Obama and the replacement for Justice Scalia, but it’s really gonna come down to the Republicans, and they’re saying are the right things right now.

I’ve noticed McConnell said that president “should not” make an appointment during the final year.  We’ve got Schumer and the Democrat Party hypocrisy where they have advocated exactly what the Republicans advocate for today, but they’re acting like nobody remembers them saying it and so forth.  I’ll get into all of that.  But McConnell did not say “would.”  He said “should.”  He did not say, “No way, not ever, no how is Obama gonna get a nominee.”  He said he “shouldn’t.”  There’s wiggle room there.


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Partisan Politics and the CIA

What we have seen develop over the last three weeks that culminated in a serious disparity of the truth.

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on the CIA’s interrogation policy during the Bush years, which has finally been made public.

The problem is that the report is one sided and could actually be a criminal matter…

This is a big problem not only from an intelligence standpoint but also because it creates a huge issue with regard to the truth.

The report was not an official report, simply because it was all one sided designed to distract the american public from the more serious issues that we face with a lack of leadership in washington.


The release in 2009 of a report (from 2004) by its Inspector General. Eric Holder used the report as a pretext for appointing a special counsel to look into the possibility of bringing criminal charges against CIA interrogators. To my knowledge, no charges were brought, but CIA personnel who helped protect America in a time of great danger had to lawyer-up again (the DOJ had already considered bringing charges once) and endure a politically motivated inquisition.

Now, they must endure a report from Dianne Feinstein and her fellow Democrats that is more about excusing Feinstein and others from their sign-off on what the CIA did than about presenting the truth.

This is a big problem that is not going to go away.

No one publishes this kind of intelligence because everyone does this and our enemies do worse to our citizens.

The truth here is that this woman could be a traitor to our nation and action should be taken to investigate her motivations for doing this.


Barbara Walter allegedly sinks to new low?

Just amazing, but do you believe what the liberal biase media tries to sell on a regular basis.

Would the Great Wa WAh, ever have even considered doing a news story like this one?

Could this the end of the career of a great news person?
The world would like to know, should the national enquirer be on the look out for a great reporter…???

Apparently, the age of yellow journalism is not yet over, as it appears that some news organizations, are more about gossip and partisan politics than they are about hard news, as a new all time low for the network appears to be in the offing.

Barbara Wa Wa as she is affectionally known to many, and perhaps unknown to many more, as it appears that a gossip interview is more appealing to the network than a real new story.

She is set to interview the allegedly bitter jilted wife or soon to be ex wife, of the embattled, Gov or soon to be ex governor, Sanford.

They allegedly talk trash about the governor.

Now I just have to ask what is up with this, I mean if you look back over the WA WAs career or dwindling career as it is allegedly now, you would be shocked at what apparently she is doing now, an alleged gossip interview, something better left to the society pages, which often elude to things a certain person did or did not do.

However may be the case, this is beneath the WA WA, but as some have alleged to have said, nothing is beneath her.


That could evoke some thought provoking material…

Either way the shameless attempt at smearing the governor has not gone un-noticed and is really probably the highlight of the year for a WA WA that was once considered one of the greats, now reduced to gossip interviews.

I would cry if, I could…

but I am just too busy laughing.. and laughing, and laughing…