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Mitch Mcconnell

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Divided we Fall, We have a very good chance to change the direction of this nation from the Fools that are attempting to erase our history.

Mitch McConnell has chosen to NOT allegedly do the right thing.


Earlier today we wrote about how Cruz, Lee, Paul, Enzi, and Roberts were all standing together to strip the IMF legislation out of the aid package bill for Ukraine. As I said earlier, the IMF legislation would basically double the contribution of the US to the IMF fund while lessening America’s influence over how that money is spent.

So what does McConnell do? Does he stand with the filibuster effort? No, pushes Republicans to vote for the bill, thus making sure to get Harry Reid his 60 votes to pass the bill to prevent the filibuster led by Cruz and the others.

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Here is the most important thing, when a leader is no longer your leader, its time they were replaced with someone that can do his or her duty, that means the oath of office, not gaining political favors.

Its time that congress go back to the business of the people.

If they refuse to do the peoples business, then its time that politician retires, Gets out of office or is impeached.

If you are too old to do the peoples business its time to retire.

We think that Mitch McConnell, is not doing the peoples business.

Its time he retired or we Vote him out of office.

We have enough problem without dealing with alleged traitors.

Enough is Enough, these Moss Back, slick talking politicians need to toe the line or face the voting wrath of the People.