Libyan Bombing constitutional or not?

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Well there seems to be some issue over the idea on if the President has the authority to decide military issues, while he is on vacation, perhaps there is some small grain of truth to that, but as strange as it might sound, were going to side with the President on this one, while most of the time we do not agree with what he has done, he is at least this time stepping up to the plate and I think that is commendable.

We need more responsibility and accountability and less partisan nonsense, Now obviously if this action had been taken a few weeks ago, we would not even be in this position right now, but hey that is as it is, and there is not much you can do about it.

The main thing is this the people of Libya have been protected, true it was at great expense but at what value do we place human life upon?

Constitutional or unconstitutional the man made the right decision, time to play fair.

I just love this girls voice, wow,