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the State of Freedom…

The Constitution clearly provides individual states the Freedom to make its own decisions.

Apparently that seems to be a novel concept to many that seem to have this twisted sense of reality.

“Planned Parenthood said it will be a “devastating attack,” if the bill passes the Senate and President Trump signs it. Passage means that states can then choose which healthcare organizations should receive the Title X funds, potentially defunding Planned Parenthood in their state.”

What if Planned Parenthood were really an evil organization?

Politics the new racism

White house files charges against Zimmerman?

Wow, ok hold your breath now, just when you think that the circus in Washington DC cannot get any Crazier, you see something like this.

Is this the America you grew up in?  


OMG this is Big…

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Rarely do you see this kind of thing on TV but this is Amazing…

Wow this is unlike anything that you have ever seen before…




Email Exposes Bad Politics

So, Wow, you read this and you think man are these people really the best that America has to offer for representing the American people?

sick of lies
Will they tell the truth or will they just Lie

The White House announced Tuesday that it is canceling tours of the president’s home for the foreseeable future as the sequester spending cuts begin to bite and the administration makes good on its warnings of painful decisions.

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This is something that is really an amazing thing, so are we to correctly understand that Washington wants to punish the people of the United States of America because they support responsible spending in Washington?

Is that really the Hope and Change?

It is really something to consider, will they next fire only certain people who do not agree with them?

Are these people the best people to be running a nation on the edge of economic ruin.


Obama game plan Blame everyone but us?

Wow, it was amazing to see that we have a president that is not capable of leading this nation, So the president came out and blamed, congress, blamed, bush, blamed, the tea party, blamed, the S & P, Blamed, really everyone but the one that is really responsible.

Amazing, so what are we going to do here, are we going to blame the world for our problems?

Will the stock market crash now that Obama has blamed his problems on every one but where the blame actually belongs?

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S $ P Fights back?

In a move that is sure to draw more criticism, from Advocates of the Don’t Ask Don’t tell spending policy of the US at least the last three years or so, )  Standard and Poors, or should that be Poor, US, not sure which but one thing seems clear the criticism, of the Credit rating Agency is causing a lot of alarm bells to go off on Wall Street, in the form of Sell, Sell, Sell, hurry and Sell, before it goes down too much, Panic on wall street, seems to be the Dog and Pony Show of the day at least at the famous or infamous Fox news. 

You have to wonder just what is going on and more importantly what the White-house is prepared to do to stop this mess?

So what does Washington do, they criticize, S&P, Wow, Amazing, stuff folks.

Will moodys, follow suit, in downgrading US economy?

Will we see a depression sell off.

Are we about to see the NYSE, fall for a second time…

Is there any hope that the US will find a method of getting it right so that the economy can get back in step with
the rest of the world?

What will happen next because we are seeing some really bad things happen, there are some stock prices that could be good bargains.


What will happen next will the fight between Washington and credit agencies continue?








Censorship of the internet?

Wow this is crazy and this is scary, we have serious problems with too much debt, the democrats are crying and saying that the end of the world will occur is they cant continue to spend spend spend, but this is at the top of what they want to do?

The problem with this bill is that it is censorship.

Problems with censorship.

Will we stand by while unions and corporations and special interests take over the internet?

Will you help us stop this bad law from ever happening in the first place.

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FEAR Mongering?

Will the US default on its debt?

Will there be no money for the Old folks, the disabled, the blind, those with terminal illnesses.

The weakest in our society?  The most venerable, in other societies, are often held with a kindness and a love, for their contribution to society.

That does not seem to be the case if you have even bothered to spend time in a nursing home.

So will the veterans and the old, and the sick and the terminally ill be the fist to get hit by our money problems?

Source yahoo news

Not likely, according to analysts, who say that even without the ability to borrow more money, the government could avoid a devastating default for another week or so.

That raises the question of how urgently action is needed to increase the nation’s borrowing limit.

When you read that you have to say wow, this is really bad, right, this is horrible, right, this is crazy right?

Sure, it sounds like the end of the world, according to an article in yahoo news, (if it is really news were not sure)

The thing is this, they say, that we need to increase the nations borrowing limit but is that really true or is that just fear mongering.

If it is true, then where is the money being spent, are we sending it over seas to other nations, (not that we can tell)

Well then where is all this money going, because it seems like there is a really simple solution here, stop spending so much money on nothing.

Or tell us what your spending so much money on, the bail outs, were a bad bet, with billions still owed by the car companies, and the economy in such bad condition, who can afford to buy a new car?

See how it gets harder to believe, the thing here is this, how can you borrow your way out of debt?

Again, the money is out there, in many cases there are corporations that have billions and billions of dollars just sitting there because we have an out dated tax system that punishes success and denies the ability to grow as a nation, the simple solution is a flat tax, a capitol gains holiday, producing more tax revenue, providing for the need.

It is really not that hard to figure out so what is really going on is it some crazy asteroid out there that were trying to fight and cant talk about?

No that’s just crazy, right, but you would think that the end of the world is about to take place by the tenor of the democrats in Washington.

One thing remains clear, we need to take some action and if we cannot borrow any more money because we have already borrowed too much then its time to reduce some of the things that are costing so much money like the post office, which lost more than 15 billion dollars over the last five years?

When a business starts loosing that much money, you have to do something about it, because you cant just keep on loosing that much money.


weiner admission

In a statement made in a public forum, weiner comes clean and admits that he sent the pictures that formally he had implied that someone hacked his account, however one thing is interesting here is if someone else had done this would it not be a crime to falsely say that he was hacked.

Weiner regrets mistake that he made…

Should weiner resign now, and save the people further embarrassment.

We know that if this were a republican they would have resigned by now.

So the press is on a feeding frenzy, wow, it is like blood in the water here and the sharks are circling.

Ok, well I have to say that this guy is in some really hot water, and he has apologized to his family and the media, but will it be enough.

Calls for Weiner to resign allegedly become louder…

Will Weiner do the manly thing and go ahead and resign because after everything that has happened, there is no way he will hold his position in congress, perhaps its better to resign than to continue this madness.

activist judge

Libyan Bombing constitutional or not?

Well there seems to be some issue over the idea on if the President has the authority to decide military issues, while he is on vacation, perhaps there is some small grain of truth to that, but as strange as it might sound, were going to side with the President on this one, while most of the time we do not agree with what he has done, he is at least this time stepping up to the plate and I think that is commendable.

We need more responsibility and accountability and less partisan nonsense, Now obviously if this action had been taken a few weeks ago, we would not even be in this position right now, but hey that is as it is, and there is not much you can do about it.

The main thing is this the people of Libya have been protected, true it was at great expense but at what value do we place human life upon?

Constitutional or unconstitutional the man made the right decision, time to play fair.

I just love this girls voice, wow,