weiner admission

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In a statement made in a public forum, weiner comes clean and admits that he sent the pictures that formally he had implied that someone hacked his account, however one thing is interesting here is if someone else had done this would it not be a crime to falsely say that he was hacked.

Weiner regrets mistake that he made…

Should weiner resign now, and save the people further embarrassment.

We know that if this were a republican they would have resigned by now.

So the press is on a feeding frenzy, wow, it is like blood in the water here and the sharks are circling.

Ok, well I have to say that this guy is in some really hot water, and he has apologized to his family and the media, but will it be enough.

Calls for Weiner to resign allegedly become louder…

Will Weiner do the manly thing and go ahead and resign because after everything that has happened, there is no way he will hold his position in congress, perhaps its better to resign than to continue this madness.