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Libyan Bombing constitutional or not?

Well there seems to be some issue over the idea on if the President has the authority to decide military issues, while he is on vacation, perhaps there is some small grain of truth to that, but as strange as it might sound, were going to side with the President on this one, while most of the time we do not agree with what he has done, he is at least this time stepping up to the plate and I think that is commendable.

We need more responsibility and accountability and less partisan nonsense, Now obviously if this action had been taken a few weeks ago, we would not even be in this position right now, but hey that is as it is, and there is not much you can do about it.

The main thing is this the people of Libya have been protected, true it was at great expense but at what value do we place human life upon?

Constitutional or unconstitutional the man made the right decision, time to play fair.

I just love this girls voice, wow,



President Obama, in the right

So why are the liberals fighting against the President, it cannot be because they have any reason to believe that the American people support them because the polls, and in fact the mid term election was not only a repudiation, of the tactics, of the left, the ideas of the left, the ignorance of the left, so why embrace the lie?

Get rid of the stupid liberals that are trying to be scrooges, allegedly.

In a clear expression of doing the right thing President Obama made a decision, it was a decision that was right for the American people and the Economy.

It was the right decision because it helped unemployed people stay connected to a source of money through the holiday season, Christmas for those that dare, it was a win win situation.

So why, are the liberals in congress and the senate talking trash?

If the Tax cut for everyone, works like the republicans, say it will then the economy will rebound.

President Obama Wins, because he stood up for the American people.

If the tax cut fails and the economy slumps then the democrats can say ” We told you this would not work”

and in that case the President wins.

So why all this crying and bawling, you just have to wonder are they really out there whining and pewling like a prating child.

If President Obama moves to the right and does the right thing like this time it will be almost impossible to defeat him, but if he does as the liberals want then he will be defeated in 2012, it is really all about doing the right thing for the country.

No more special interests.

No more Union sweet heart deals, (they have grown fat on the sacrifices of others)

No more shovel ready projects.

It is time to consider the people of the USA, do that and you cannot fail.

So stick to it Mr President, because it is the right thing to do for the people and if those that detract now, do not see nor understand that, then they will be voted out, it is people that makes this country what it is, without the people you have nothing.

Supreme Court Vote the idiots out vote them out

Virginia AG rules Police can do thier jobs.

Ok, so now you have it, the police are able to do their jobs, are you surprised, because if it were not true this country would degrade into evil and anarchy.

Which demands an explanation from the white house as to why they are engaging in this unreasonable activity trying to work against the American people, it is not only wrong but it allegedly could be even criminal, when a man Swears an oath of office and then later fails to complete the the oath they swore.

This is great new in the war on liberals, because it is not right what they have been trying to do and in fact allegedly it might even be treason?

Perhaps not that serious, but it really could be because it is really bad what has been going on.

In a Quote of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

“it is my opinion that Virginia law enforcement officers, including conservations officers may, like Arizona police officers, inquire into the immigration status of persons stopped or arrested,”

Yes, in fact, if you are a citizen you are asked for identification in the form of a drivers license and paperwork to prove you have insurance.

This is what anyone could and would expect.

It is really something to see that we have a white house that is willing to sacrifice the safety of Americans, that makes me want to puke.

When it comes time to vote then you have to make the right decision, vote them out.

Vote them out.

Vote them out.

Vote them out.

If you are sick and tired of all the lies, then vote them out.