liberals love sarah palin?

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They must love and adore her because they just cant stop talking about her, even when she is no longer giving them interviews because of the alleged, “unprofessional” Coric, interview, (if you could call it an interview) allegedly.

Do liberals love Sarah Palin?  that might sound a little crazy but you know it seems like over the last few weeks there have been some in the liberal media that have attempted to push Sarah Palin into a front runner for a campaign to run for president.

This is both interesting and exciting, well for one thing, liberals are attempting to use double reverse psychology.

Wait, no they are only trying to use reverse psychology, what will happen is double reverse psychology.

This is right out of the 1950s liberal democrat playbook, the sad truth here is not about psychological tricks or reverse psychology, or even double reverse psychology, what this is about is a mistake that the democrats are making in thinking that Americans are stupid.

It is a huge mistake because people no longer really care or watch broadcast TV, they watch cable or they watch video online.

The internet is where many people get their news and unlike broadcast TV, there is still freedom online. Here is one liberal, but is that not copyright infringement.