Left wing Hate Groups?

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What are hate groups anyway?

Think about it for a moment, its not hard to understand what hate is and how it creeps into our society but recently we have begun to see some very disturbing things about what is hate.

GREELEY, Colo. – The sheriff of one of the country’s largest counties says a recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center listing a major political party in Colorado as a dangerous group has absolutely no credibility and the group is like “the little boy who cried wolf.”


The truth is that we are beginning to see some serious problems with organizations that used to be known as truthful but now are little more than prodigious fools that spout as much hate or more in some cases than those they “pretend” to be against.

We have organizations that “pretend” to protect the rights of those who are abused and in need of help, but then they use that power against the very people that they “pretend” to care about.

 The call you names, they tell lies, they make lists and they try to label you.

This is not the way of peace it is the way of hatred and it is not worthy of your support.