karl Rove would be a traitor

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Would Karl Rove be considered a traitor if there were 1776 and America had not yet been born?

The possibility is good, simply because the truth about what Karl Rove is may be hard to understand.

 The founding fathers created the document that made a new world free.

It was easy to understand and it was there to protect the rights of Americans against people like Karl Rove.

Is that hard?

Perhaps, but it is important to understand that freedom from oppression is a human right and those like Rove who think that they know more than their fellow man now that is what created America in the first place.

 Others may think that Karl Rove is an interloper.

GOP, Business Recast Message

Republican Leaders, Allies Aim to Diminish Clout of Most-Conservative Activists

The story said this right up front:

Meanwhile, major donors and advocacy groups, such as the Chamber of Commerce and American Crossroads, are preparing an aggressive effort to groom and support more centrist Republican candidates for Congress in 2014’s midterm elections.


Karl Rove (i.e., architect of the American Crossroads SuperPAC), the Chamber of Commerce, and the Washington GOP Establishment have declared war on the Reaganite conservative base of the Republican Party.

Welcome to the 2014 election.

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