Insurance companies or Congress?

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Who is to blame for this huge mess that we have here?

Think about it for a moment before you make up your minds.

On one hand we have an industry that is corrupt to its core, wait that could be both congress and the insurance industry. 

But yes, the insurance companies are taking advantage of a law that was so large that no one could read it. 

Is that wrong, yes it is wrong, because the this allowed the insurance companies to find loop holes and take the American people on a ride.

We know that congress did not read this bill they just passed it so they could find out what was in it. 

Now you know a little more about just who is responsible for this mess, its the democrats.

Congress did this and the Insurance companies allegedly were in on the talks that allowed the language of the bill to take this to the mat.

Yes insurance companies are being Evil, Yes they are making serious money while Millions of Americans suffer without health insurance.

This is all happening because the insurance industry is corrupt, but it is also happening because congress failed to regulate the law in a way that would prevent the insurance companies from profiting from the passing of this bill.

Who do you think profits from cancelling millions of paying consumers from an insurance plan?

Insurance companies that is who, they will keep money that was and should have been paid to policy holders but will never get paid out.

Congress should have seen this coming if they were not so busy spending money and throwing parties and eating off the fat of the land.

Congress is to blame and its not the republicans its the democrats.

Those are the ones that you need to look hard at those that voted for this horrible evil thing.

They wanted it but they did not read it, they said its for your own good then they exempted themselves from the bill they want you to live or die with.

They want you to be under their thumbs but they do not want to live by the laws they write for you to suffer and die under.

That is what you should be looking hard at, not what the media want you to believe.