Gun Control Freaks

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Imagine a world where you were unable to protect your family from the threat of home invasion.

It is such a world so you do not have to imagine it at all.

Consider the truth, if you have ever called the police, you know that often it takes up to 45 minutes for a response, you might see a 30 min response from time to time but most of the time if it were a matter of life and death, your not going to like those odds.

You see for the past several years, in fact since President Clinton, attempted to pass the laws that would have put more police on the streets and was denied, we have seen a shortage of police.

Simply put there are not enough of them to protect us.

We know that life is often a play on a stage, we also know that there are times when you have to be able to take action and to figure out how you can protect your family, if you could trust and rely on only the police to save everyone all the time, then you know that gun control just will never work even the police will tell you that they cannot protect everyone all the time.

Sadly gun control would not have prevented or saved any lives in this instance as with ever instance.

Gun Control just doe’s not work.