Green Energy

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The idea of Green Energy is appealing however it is still costing  a lot more to provide the ground work for green energy.

There are many different research projects that could lead to renewable energy in many different formats.

The problem is for the most part were just looking in the wrong places.

Case Studies and Videos.


Spain has already demonstrated the “unsustainability” of “sustainable” distributed energy.

The government bought support there by paying everyone who placed a solar panel on his or her roof an exorbitant amount. According to Gabriel Calzada, of Spain’s King Juan Carlos University, each “green job” that was created cost approximately $800,000 per year. Soon the solar subsidies began to gnaw away at Spain’s economy, and they were drastically reduced. Spain’s unemployment now stands at 21 percent, and there is a chance the government will default on its sovereign debt. Throwing money at solar energy and windmills has real costs and economic consequences that reverberate worldwide.

You see its not good enough to just reduce the so called carbon footprint, because at its base science it is flawed.

The entire universe is carbon based.

So this flawed and frankly stupid idea that you can somehow reduce gas emissions by micromanaging resources is simply a failed and flawed theory.

Can we learn from those that tried it and failed?

That would be the smart thing to do.

Physics suggests that the way to harness energy in a renewable way would be to harness the power of particle physics.

That would be something that would create virtually free energy.

The biggest problem is that were so energy dependant that free energy would cause a world wide financial crisis.

The truth may be that we have to find a way to channel the volume of financial dependence on the energy industry into a different place.

When you attempt to increase the cost of energy so that it is conserved it does not work because the cost is so high that the economy suffers and we find that the same financial crisis ensues.

It is the Ultimate Catch 22 situation.

If you discover a large scale energy source that can provide unlimited energy to the world, the current industry, Gas, Oil, Fossil Fuels, would squash it.

The problems are vast because huge sums of money are being spent in fossil fuels, it is the world economy.

Until we find a way to transition to a better way to produce energy were going to find that it is just too expensive to create better sources of energy.

Logically, it seems that the only way to make this happen is to create a substantial enough incentive that energy companies move away from fossil fuels and towards better prospects of energy.

They tried to regulate it, that failed.

They tried to incentivize it, that failed.

They tried to force it, that failed too.

Its time that the world begins to work together instead of competing for decreasing resources.

It is foolish to keep doing the same things over and over again and expect a different result.