Gas prices on the rise again…

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Well the Media have been hounding us over and over again with worthless and often False Flag Stories about the lower price of Gas many Americans welcomed over the last 30 days.

But that appears to be about over, why you ask?

Well its simple, when the Gas prices went down, there was talk about raising the tax on Gas, then they started featuring news stories about how the economy was in bad trouble, Then the Media started talking about how those poor oil workers would going to get laid off or loose their jobs…

Wow, really, thats the best you got biased media mogul guy?

(really the economy is in bad shape because Gas prices went down?)  

Sorry but that is just plain ignorant.

Gas prices have been running higher over the last few years, from 2008 until just recently, the price has been artificially kept higher, the oil companies have profited by the Billions and Billions more…

In just one week the price went from an average of 1.89 per gallon in our area to $2.35 per gallon, why?  Simple there was a strike at a refinery, You know those guys that were going to get laid off if the prices stayed lower?  (Is it possible) that the media conferred and used that situation as the basis for its news story?

Who knows for sure but one thing seems clear the media are very likely liars and they are so corrupted that you cannot trust what you see on most Broadcast stations and even more Cable Stations.

Average cost for a gallon of gas in the U.S. between 1998-2011:


1998 — $1.03
1999 — $1.14
2000 — $1.49


2001 — $1.43
2002 — $1.34
2003 — $1.56
2004 — $1.85
2005 — $2.27
2006 — $2.58
2007 — $2.81
2008 — $3.26


2009 — $2.35
2010 — $2.78
2011 — $3.53

It is getting to the point where a lie is the same thing to the media as the truth they think of it as “their truth” but does that really work for the betterment of our society or for that matter for anyone?

No, it does not and people are getting tired of being lied to by the media.

Here is the real news story and its the one you will not see on TV or Read in your local news paper.

Gas prices averaged, $1.44 cents per gallon in 1999, no one was out talking about how so many people would be laid off or that the economy would suffer, Did they?

No they did not.   Again Why?  could it be that the price of Gas is unimportant unless its something that fits in with the agenda of the biased media.