Funding the cause of a murderer?

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Would a national corporation as successful as Walmart, willingly engage in the funding of activities that create an atmosphere where the lives of two police officers are taken?

Is it fair to say that Al sharpton could be partially responsible for the deaths of these two police officers?  The answer is No, its not but when you go out and enflame and enrage a community against the police and then something like this happens, then there is a certain level of responsibility there.

Could it be that this story might in some way be true?

Some say that it is possible that the activities of Al Sharpton contributed to the deaths of two police officers.

But even if that were not the truth that it certainly seems to be, would it not be a bad thing to support and fund activities that are like fueling riots, looting, arson, criminal acts?

Come on Walmart are you truly this depraved that you do not see the connection between Al sharp-ton and a trial of massive violence, burning buildings, burning cars, the life savings of those very people he claims to be trying to help?

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