Freedom in Hong Kong?

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Can we suggest that freedom should be a right enjoyed by all of humanity?

We knew that seeding hong kong might have a serious effect on that city having been a bastion of trade and economic freedom for so many years.

Capitalism was the way everything grew in this city, yet here we watch as aggressive forces move to shut down the voices of freedom.

Will this once great city now become what Cuba is today?

Filled with empty and crumbling building that once were factories which produced products and created wealth and jobs but now sit empty and abandoned?


The evidence is quite clear, the politics of communism and socialism do not work for the people or corporations.

We can see it clearly why do those people persist in actions that will never work?

We may never know but we can but watch as they make the same mistakes over and over again all while making apologies for the lives of those they trample into the ground.

When will they learn?

Perhaps never, absolute power corrupts absolutely.