Fox News Polls show What?

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In a rather amazing display of faulty Journalism, Fox News, reported today several polls which featured extrapolated results that are more than just questionable, they could well be completely wrong in every way.

Is it wrong to show a Poll when only a very very small percentage of voters may have been reached?

Yes, it is, you bet your beef cakes it is.

To be fair, they did not state complete facts about the polls, only a very small portion but read on if you want to hear more about how the news cycle is becoming very unbalanced.

When you look at a poll and you look at how many (Likely Voters) were reached and you look at how many people there are in the United States that could become a likely voter, then you have to ask how can this be a valid conversation?

Instead it is very likely that the polls say things that the people who paid for the polls to be taken.

(naturally it is hard to imagine how reaching 500 or 1000 “likely voters” translates into facts)

Yet today, Fox News presented these “Polls” as evidence if you will of bad things happening for the candidates of the 2016 Presidential election.

More to come stay tuned, scientifically speaking, you need at east 5000 “Real Voters” to be able to scientifically state that a particular poll makes any sense at all.

That is not happening and we have seen over and over again how WRONG these so called polls are all the time.

So, If you are a responsible journalist, would you not make that disclaimer up front or do you lead your viewers to believe that what you are choosing to talk about is Bosh.

Never once did anyone question the nature of a poll with less than 600 people who lets face it had nothing better to do than to be at home and answer the phone.

Who were those people?


Bed Fast?


When you think about it, the term likely voters is meaningless and should be just as meaningless when attempting to have a political discussion.

Yet, Fox News and likely many others also have engaged in this kind of distortion of the news.