Fox News Media continues its assault on GOP

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You may have noticed how Fox News apparently have continued to blast away at Fox News using Biased keywords and phrases.

One bobble head, prefaced her introduction by saying these words

“The Fractured Republican Party” 

Is that true?  No it is not true then why do the media engage in using words like fractured?

It is curious why they continue to do this all the while not mentioning how terrible leadership is in Washington.


Another insult to the GOP appears to be this idea that Donald Trump cannot lead…

Or that Donald Trump cannot win. 

All based on erogenous data from so called polls which do not mean anything.

Yet Fox news has at times seemed to attempt to demonstrate that the polls are right but they contradict themselves.

That is interesting they say things like Trump has high unfavorables for women, yet half of all voters and more in some areas area are women.

So, if those polls are right then how did he win so often?

Obviously the polls are biased just as the media that conducted them are biased.

What the media claims they don’t conduct the polls, well who pays the bills then?

They don’t do those things for free.

They get paid to do those polls and when you take 548 people and then say that this represents 400 million people?

(That is just plain lying to the people or they are lying to themselves)

In the end polls do not mean squat.