fast and Furious Scandal

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What is happening, are we seeing a classic conspiracy theory being played out in the national headlines?

You might be tempted to say this is like watching a movie, but this is real we have officials

who have sworn to protect and serve the people they swore an oath, to protect, yet their

actions resulted in the death of a man, now they are working in the justice department?


That is just insane, and you really think that anything you have to say will convince the American people

that you mean to change things for the better, I fear that there is no help in sight, no plan, no means of

finding any change at all.

How can we expect to feel safe at night when we have allegedly incompetent, individuals that apparently do not

care if what they do causes death and destruction.

How can this behavior and failure be rewarded by a placement in the justice department?


That is the hope and the change that you were talking about.