doctors in wisconsin

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Imagine if you had a dishonest, doctor, could you trust them to do the right thing for your health?

Or, would they do what ever they wanted, even if it meant that you would die, is this the change you voted for?

Why is it that democrats can get away with doing just about anything but let a republican do it and its either jail time or time to resign.

Why is there a double standard for one set of people over another, is that not wrong?

With Doctors in Wisconsin willing to allegedly commit fraud in order to allow some teachers to be paid for time off, what does this say about the state of the democratic party?


Amid reports of doctors writing fraudulent documents in Wisconsin some are concerned about the possibility of doctors submitting a false report, could it be considered a criminal event?

For many people the idea that a doctor would so quickly agree to write a false report for illness for teachers attending a political event sponsored by some alleged labor unions, people are perplexed that a doctor would do such a thing and we frankly wonder if those doctors deserve to practice medicine, while the very popular television series House trades of unethical procedures, it is after all only a television show based on a very fictional character which does not in real life exist.

However, when you see a doctor willing to do what could be considered as a crime in many states, just to provide an excuse for a teacher to obtain paid leave to attend a political event, well that is something very different.

Doctors for years have been trusted to do the right thing, yet over the past few years we have seen a compelling amount of doctors loose the privileged to practice medicine for many things that are far less criminal than intentionally falsifying a document or medical record, it is disturbing to say the least.