Ted Cruz?

This is the guy that the liberals love to hate, but why is that exactly…

 Amazing stuff

Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz spoke at length about the state of America at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa on Saturday. Discussing a wide range of issues, the Texas senator, who has stood firm in a Democrat-controlled senate, turned his attention to the issue of the Second Amendment. Sen. Cruz stated,

“Following the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, President Obama came out and said not that we are going to go after violent criminals… but instead, President Obama used it as an excuse to go after the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.”

When Sen. Cruz merely mentioned the name of Vice President Joe Biden, the crowd erupted in laughter.

“You know the nice thing is that you don’t even need a punchline,” Cruz added as the crowd continued to laugh.


Spys, Leaks, Scandals, will they panic?

The most dangerous consideration is a government that is not staffed with people that can lead.

When you see people that panic instead of leading, then you have a big problem one that must be solved, when people refuse to lead then congress must come forward and do the right thing.

Politics is an excuse to blame someone else for your problems.

Right now we do not have a democratic problem and we do not have a republican problem, what we have here is a failure of leadership.

You hear people say this all the time, they say something about how the US is a democracy.

But that is not true.

It is false, it is a lie. . .

The United States of America is a Republic…

[kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1 size=”45″ color=”#cc0000″ ]We the People

Are a


WE have for many years been lied to by people who think that they are better than everyone around them these are the same people that cried “Let them Eat Cake”  These are the same people that eat lavish dinners, (in Washington DC) while most of the American public, eat baloney because they cannot afford to eat a steak.

The thing is while no one is guaranteed a steak we should be free from lies fostered by fools in the media.

We are a republic, this is not a democracy, this is America.

It is We the People, not the other way around.

The sheer stupidity of what this man says is insulting and embarrassing…



Excuses or Lies?

The idea that no one can be held responsible for the Deaths of four Brave Americans who allegedly asked for more security and was denied is at issue today in hearings.

   A moment ago a woman began a long description of all the security upgrades made when they first took possession of the American compound in Libya.

Is this proper?  

Or is it just another excuse in a long line of incompetent excuses?

When a representative asks for help and is denied and then reportedly the security was reduced!

What is going on in this nation when such horrible situations are allowed to result in the deaths of Brave Americans?

Who knew what and who knew it when?

Why are they now talking about stupid topics in a hearing when the truth is obvious…

This is a scary thing…  What else are they Lying about?

Why are we dealing with such incompetence, why did we not do the right thing when it would have made a difference. 

Instead they do what? 

Tell lies? 

Speak Falsely? 

When they needed help they were denied…


That is the clearest example of what is wrong in Washington that I have seen in many years.

Men died and allegedly all they can do is make excuses and then lie about it?

Reports indicate that is was quite the morning of the assult that resulted in the deaths of Four Americans who

died because (allegedly) someone refused to allow additional security fources, as well there was a suggestion early on that

live ammunition was not allowed, (this has yet to be substantiated however from what we are learning now it could be very true)

The biggest problem we have ever seen…

 So they can arrest a man because of a LIE, they of course say that the man had violated probation but is that really true or is it yet another lie.



Class Warfare or Social Justice?

This is just amazing, in some ways, today Bobby Jindal talked about what no one else wanted to talk about, the idea that if you do the same thing over and over again, and expect a different result that is the definition of insanity.

Common sense, tells us that failure will result in Americans living under bridges, Americans going hungry at night.

Americans becoming a third world nation, which some people would think would be social justice, the problem with this type of thing is simple, it does not apply to those people who advocate for this as a solution.


This really only leaves one of two possibilities.

1. the liberal Agenda involves the destruction, of American lives and jobs.

2. they think that what they are doing will work…

The problem is simple if it has not worked in three years, then what makes you think it will work now?

It did not work in Russia, it did not work in China, it did not work in Cuba, it has never worked anywhere they have tried it, it simply does not work period.  So the real question here is what are they trying to do to this nation?

If they are intentionally trying to destroy this nation using insanity as an excuse then where does that leave us?

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence could see that what has happened over the last three years has been bad for this nation, yet no one wants to say that out loud, or at least no one wants to point the finger, because they are afraid.

Perhaps they should be afraid, because we have people in Washington that are working to collapse America without firing a shot, “Just as they said they would do” the only thing was back then, everyone laughed that we would never be that stupid, but it appears that in fact we really are that stupid.

So, this really is not that hard to figure out, the latest plan is it really Class Warfare or is it just another branded version of Social justice that has never worked in the past and will never work in the future either.



lying doctors

doctors in wisconsin

Imagine if you had a dishonest, doctor, could you trust them to do the right thing for your health?

Or, would they do what ever they wanted, even if it meant that you would die, is this the change you voted for?

Why is it that democrats can get away with doing just about anything but let a republican do it and its either jail time or time to resign.

Why is there a double standard for one set of people over another, is that not wrong?

With Doctors in Wisconsin willing to allegedly commit fraud in order to allow some teachers to be paid for time off, what does this say about the state of the democratic party?


Amid reports of doctors writing fraudulent documents in Wisconsin some are concerned about the possibility of doctors submitting a false report, could it be considered a criminal event?

For many people the idea that a doctor would so quickly agree to write a false report for illness for teachers attending a political event sponsored by some alleged labor unions, people are perplexed that a doctor would do such a thing and we frankly wonder if those doctors deserve to practice medicine, while the very popular television series House trades of unethical procedures, it is after all only a television show based on a very fictional character which does not in real life exist.

However, when you see a doctor willing to do what could be considered as a crime in many states, just to provide an excuse for a teacher to obtain paid leave to attend a political event, well that is something very different.

Doctors for years have been trusted to do the right thing, yet over the past few years we have seen a compelling amount of doctors loose the privileged to practice medicine for many things that are far less criminal than intentionally falsifying a document or medical record, it is disturbing to say the least.


911 Aarp aclu acorn

Politizing death…

It is a shame on the media and certain websites that have attempted to blame politics for the shooting tragedy that shook the country this Saturday, it is difficult to believe when you see politics being used in the death of Americans.

When you see headlines that blame this terrible tragedy on all manner of political motivated unknown outcomes, even DHS has issued an alleged memo that seems to link this to an anti Semitic, group, this is reckless and unprofessional.

When People have died and news agencies try to blame popular political pundits, instead of the person who allegedly did the crime.

Yesterday Sheppard Smith allowed an Arizona state Senator to openly talk about the Tea Party, he then did nothing to refute or rebuff the horrible statement made by Lopez, when you do nothing in a situation like that you are inviting shame on your profession.

To Politicize, the deaths and wounded Americans in this way is not only sick but perhaps these people need to be removed from office, when her fellow citizens had been gunned down in cold blood, the state senator could only think about politics?

We have to wonder what they were thinking about because the welfare of the people of Arizona certainly and allegedly was not on their list.

Fox news was not the only ones, guilty of this there was others news companies that allowed similar statements to be made on the internet and on TV, there was a lot of speculation about this news story, if the shooter was this, if the shooter listened to Rush Limbaugh, if the shooter listened, to Shawn Hannity, What about Sarah Palin?

Some even tried to say that Sarah Palin was responsible, what a nasty bunch of people.

When an Angel Lay Dead, in the Hospital, these horrible people were on the internet “talking trash” and using this as a political subject, when they knew nothing they were all talking about this or that. Now we know, the young man was mentally ill.

Does that excuse him of his actions, no of course not he should be made to pay for them.

But to try and politicize his actions where none existed, it is a shame on the media for what they did in poor reporting and discussing theory and allowing others to do so as well, it makes you sick to see this kind of thing on TV.

But if you want to know the truth the motive, appears to be that this young man was mentally ill, nothing political at all.

Yet you see this on Yahoo news, Tucson rampage casts light on toxic political tone

What, that is the news story you want to put on Yahoo news?

This kind of thing is wrong and should not stand, people died, because there was no security detail for a federal judge in public, there was no security detail for a congresswoman, it is a sad thing, but it could have been prevented had there been security.

That is the bottom line, here not any political story, or any political blame game.

Yahoo news should be ashamed of what they are doing.

When you do this type of thing you further the cause of the left and the right, it is wrong and it should stop.


U.S. Russia nuclear arms treaty

Ok, people the whole MADD, thing has worked well since World War ll, and while in some ways it is interesting to consider this however, in every way that really matters it is really a very stupid thing to do.

First, and no offense to our comrades, over in that part of the frozen planet called Russia, really no offense at all.

But and please correct me if I am wrong, but for what possible and logical reason would anyone ever consider doing this.

First, there is the very real problem with what is to be done with the so called “disposal” people no one is this stupid unless it is those people in the senate I guess, but here is the thing that really gets me, and it should really get you too.

What happens if and when some of those arms that should be disposed of ends up sold to the highest bidder, (huge money there)

So you see it now right, this very thing that the so called smart people are convinced we have to do or else, (wait, or else what) did I miss something?  Are we at War?  Is there some compelling reason that we need to have a treaty?

Or is it just an excuse to say see look what we did.

This is where it gets ugly, what if the unthinkable happens, what if a threat ends up here in this nation, it will be forever remembered who voted for this treaty, because once they find out who did this and where it came from, (the result of a stupid treaty that was not needed and was only done for political favors) then every person who voted for this thing will have effectively committed treason by participation in this treaty that might allegedly allow a threat to make its way from a safe storage facility to some very unfriendly people and our shores.

That is what seems so ignorant to me, are these people in congress and the senate, really selling us out to the Federation?

I mean, how crazy is it when we think that they will do what they say, I mean sorry and again no offense at all, but this is stupid.

Russia’s lower parliament house could ratify the New START nuclear arms reduction pact with the United States by year’s end and possibly as early as Friday, leading Kremlin-allied lawmakers said on Thursday.

Sounds like a spy novel right?

Well fiction or not, it is a danger and it is really strange to see what one might consider to be intelligent people making bad decisions.

aclu apology mistake arrogant america distust firefighters

Fire in Tennessee

Just a reminder, this is the worst place in the entire united states to live, one where you dont want to be…

If this is the way that people in Tennessee, are, I sure dont want to live there, but to be fair, I really do not think that people in this state are like this, while this type of behavior, is sort of well disgusting, and evil, most people are decent one thing for sure those so called fire men should resign, they do not belong.

One thing for sure if you decide to move to Tennessee find out if they have backward evil Hicks that will watch your home burn down.

What a shame when a chance was had to make a difference in the lives of this family the community did nothing, a friend of mine, told me that if there is a second depression, it will be far worse than the first one.

She should know, she is 98 years, old and remembers it well, “back then if someone did not have food to eat the community would get together and get some food together for them to eat, they met the need, no one in our community ever starved, sure none of us ever got what we felt like was enough, but we did not starve.

These days, it appears that most people do not even know their neighbors, they do not know and or understand that we need to help each other out, that is what started this great country out.

Love, they neighbor, but sadly that seems to be wholly lacking in our modern day society.

This is one of the worst examples of neighborly love I have ever seen, these people should be made to watch as their own homes burn to the ground, then they would not be so judgmental, they would not be so quick to say things like they got what they deserved.

Oh it is so easy to say that, when your not the person that is suffering, but you know what, that does not excuse you nor will it on that day, when you too find yourself judged.

Update, Reports indicate that a family member assaulted the fire chief, if you can call such a man that title, and still hold a straight face, the man was put in the hospital, allegedly he deserved what he got.

Could this be the beginning of a Family Feud, such as has happened in the past?

This was preventable?
But no one cared enough about this family to do anything to help.

These people are sick and disgusting for not putting out that fire, there is no excuse, the only “right” way to do this is to put the fire out and then bill the owner for the “full cost” of putting the fire out. Seriously, because if you dont, then you are not a human, you are street trash that should be kicked around until you find yourself in the gutter wondering how you ended up there.

Who will pay for this injustice?

is it Time to sue the Mayor, and perhaps even the city council?

Why was this allowed to happen, some say they “got what they deserved” but you know what that is not what America is all about, people like this should be made to pay, pay for what they have done.

Allegedly, this is what could happen, when a man or in this case perhaps less than a man, makes the decision to let a home burn rather than put the fire out, (which was in the public’s interest)

That man or lack thereof, should be made to pay.

Dont this make you want to move to Tennessee?
Where your neighbors show up, with hot dog buns and Marsh mellows, instead of a fire hose? You got to live those nice folks in Tennessee, they sure know how to throw a friendly neighbor party.

This is not Funny, it is Sad. and it is preventable, Lawsuits need to be filed, on behalf of the public who could be at risk, but some people say that in Tennessee, allegedly the state is just so backward that no one really cares, that in Tennessee, this is just the way it is, but you know what, that is just a lie, that is a huge false hood.

I have personally found people in Tennessee to be good people and this is just not cool at all.

In a news report on Fox news, it was reported that a so called, “fire department” stood by and watched a fire burn a home down, because the family did not pay the annual 75 dollar fee.

There will be lawsuits folks, because you just cant be stupid and lets face it those people who did this were stupid and need to be removed from any public office.

Reports may indicate that allegedly the Mayor of this little hick town in Tennessee, said that if people do not pay then they are just out of luck.

Well, lets see about this, what happens if say there is someone in the house and this so called “fire dept” fails to show up, it could be successfully argued that they willfully and with premeditated intent failed to do that which was their duty.

That my friends is Manslaughter, and or Murder in the second degree.

Think, about how stupid this is, I can guarantee that an insurer would pay that fee, if there were facing a loss.

How hard would it be to contact an insurer, and make one phone call and say you know what, you are insuring a home that has not paid its fee for this year.

So what happens, it gets paid, but that is not what happened, here.

What happened here is a criminal matter and the prosecuting attorney, should file charges against anyone involved in this decision not to keep the public safe from an out of control fire.

Send a message that this kind of behavior is not tolerated, the insurer should file a civil lawsuit against anyone involved in this evil deed.

It is amazing to see how many people have said they got what they deserved.

You know what, you can say that now, but if your home caught fire, and say for some reason, (another fire) your home was lost, you would not be talking so big.

The issue here is not if they got what they deserved, but was the public interest served?

Think about that.


foreclosure fraud?

is there fraud going on in the millions and alleged millions of additional, foreslosures, happening soon and coming soon to a bank near you?

Millions and millions of foreclosures.

Is it happening or is it just an excuse to take over all the banks at the same time?

Are they really trying to evict people…

The answer is Yes they are, and allegedly it is worse than that?

apology mistake bad health care banks are stupid Barbara Wa Wa bill clinton for president

Huffington Bans comments that are not liberal enough?

Ill Huff and Ill Puff and Ill get mad and take my ball home…

Ok, now what is up with this allegedly, if you look on the tree huggington post, Opps, did I get that wrong, excuse me, thats huffington post, (allegedly) you will see nothing but liberal comments.

If you dare to descent, you will be banned, again allegedly, now that really makes you wonder, when they start attacking the number one female in the polls, telling lies, I mean nasty stuff, that you would not tell you mother at lunch.

One has to wonder, what is wrong with people that act this way?

I cant figure them out, but what ever they are, allegedly, no one really likes them.

You just have to wonder, about political propaganda on the internet.

All you can do is just laugh at them…