Dishonest Media Polls

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The truth about the Media and the Polls they keep trying to brain wash you into believing are true. 

  Every few days you keep seeing a media company that tells you that a poll shows a certain result.

In the fine print they never show you is a lot of information that would really bring into doubt the validity of those polls.

Just this morning on Fox News, they stated that a new poll shows Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by 9 or 10 points.

How many people did they contact?

We don’t know they did not say how many people they had to call to get 800 replies that matched what they wanted to show you. 

Here is the deal, no way that you can say with any degree of certainty that by calling thousands of people and only taking the 800 you want to talk to is any kind of valid result.

It is simply ignorant and it is insulting but the media present this as if it has any validity or matters at all.

The truth is the Polls do not work and one of the reasons is that there are far too many “Robo” telemarketers out there which makes it really difficult to get real voters, yes voters, not just someone that “might be likely to vote”

Yet the media talk about these polls and even Karl Rove talks about these polls certainly if Karl is half as smart of other people think he is cannot be “brain washed by these meaningless polls” but that does not stop him from running off at the bit with some narrative or another that is supposed to influence or convince a voter of some particular point of view.

This is yet another reason why voters do not trust the media.

Why should we trust them they are liars.

They are dishonest.

They are continually distorting the news in favor of one candidate while constantly trying to make something out of noting if it involves Donald Trump.

Watch the video below.


No one in their right mind would think that the statement that Donald Trump made was a threat.

No one.

Yet the media and in fact the Hillary campaign wanted you to believe it was true.

Is this yet another example of the video caused Benghazi ?

Here is a simple fix every time you see biased information presented as truth when you know they are lying just turn the channel or turn it off.

Seriously that is all it takes, more people are turning to the internet for a different point of view.

The reason why they are doing this is also evident they cannot get quality views without bias thrown into the mix.