Blago trial how much more money will they spend

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How much money has the state of Illinois had to spend so far, to prove that Blago is a Liar?

You know this is getting really stupid, and the tax payers are getting tired of all this trash rumors abound that they want to make an example out of blago and that they dont care how long or how much money it costs, the truth is that blago has done nothing that no other politician has ever done in the past, few months, in fact probably right now some where in the US someone is doing the same thing.

It is crazy to waste money on this any longer, the guy is just going to write another book and make even more money than it costs to file another suit.

So what you may ask was the one conviction he lied to the FBI.

Ok, like we did not know that already, so how much money has been spent on this so far?