Amanda Knox

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When you read about this news story it should make you angry.

Simply because the truth about the circumstances of this case were handled in a political way and as well the local “authorities” were bungled in a way that happens from time to time but also because of the people involved in this criminal behavior.

The thing is the motive does not fit.

They came out with this story that these people were engaged in a game, but that does not fit with the evidence.

They never were able to show any compelling evidence that Amanda Knox was involved with this crime other than having lived in the same house as the victim.

The alleged truth about this entire situation is that were Amanda Knox not an American with money you would not even be reading this story, if Amanda Knox were a naturalized citizen of Italy you would not be reading this right now and that is why this entire case is nonsense.

Right now there is a man that is paying for this crime and he has and is being punished for what he “Confessed that he did”

You look at the guy and you think, Yes I can see this and yes you are allegedly correct.

But why keep playing this game where you pursue someone far beyond what even the laws of your own country would allow?

Politics, that is what is driving this foolishness but the real issue here is one for tourists.

The one thing you should be asking yourself is not if you care or if you believe in what has been done here but would you really want to travel to a place where politics is used as a method of incarceration.

When you look at that issue then you will understand more about why you might not want to go this Italy on vacation.