2016 election predictions

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Imagine what changes will take place as more candidates drop out of the race.

Will Marco Rubio come into the lead?

There are a lot of reasons that might create the atmosphere for a change in the Republican race.

Donald Trump is in the running but are the polls really right?
Can you trust the media to tell you the truth?

Probably not…

You see the public does not trust the media to tell the truth or to do the right thing when it comes to reporting.

The Press have soiled the once lovely white radiance that was in the past the Bastian of human thoughts, ideas and many works have seen that light, however that has changed.

Changed for the worse.

What once was thought of as investigative journalism has all but shut down for lack of interest.
Its simply not entertaining enough to air.

So when the media call to do polls what do you think the average citizen would do?
Tell them to go stuff it, but you see the older generation rightly considers this to be rude.

They are correct and I can tell you from experience I have had a difficult time swallowing or even watching the sludge that has become the news.

I suspect that the smart voter would tell the media what we know they do not want to hear, (Donald Trump)
So the polls show a skewed outlook on what the truth really is all about.


Its hardly ever heard anymore, (thanks to my friend, Billy Joel,) who can stand up with the best of the hard men.
What the media seem to fail to understand is that time has moved on.

We are not in the 1950s or the 1970s we’re in the next bracket and we’re going to begin to seem some leaps and strides in technology, specifically speaking most archaeologists, will agree that we can trace our evolution to timed events in the early 1800s, 1900s, 2000, now 2016

I never once considered as I grew up that I would scarce to see the year 2000 it was just unimaginable.

But yet here we are.

I believe that if we are to remain a free nation, we simply must agree to become one nation again else failure will come.

It is hard to imagine that we might one day live in a land where they talk about the former united states.

I hope this election people will agree that we must change or we will face the one thing that no American has ever contemplated.

The failure of the United States of America.

Can that even happen?

No Man or Woman or Child that served as a family member in a military family would ever think such a thing.
We still are moved by the national anthem, it stirs the soul and brings to memory our former greatness in all its absolute glory, we know these things are true and we have never doubted the spirit of the American People in any way shape or form.

We understand the sacrifice, we understand the pain, we understand the truth about having the freedom to burn the flag and yet still we see the flag is still standing.

Yet it still stands and we as a nation of Americans must stop the division, a nation divided cannot stand and this has been proven true by history.

We must begin to heal or we will not stand.

This is not a hard thing to do, not at all.

All you really have to do is to notice your neighbor, become friends, in need a friend is a friend indeed.

I had a conversation with an elderly saint, who at the age of 99 passed from this earth.
She was an amazing woman and I miss seeing her even now.

She told me that if there we’re a second great depression that it would be much worse that the first great depression.  I was intrigued by her answer and she continued to speak about how back in the great depression, times we’re indeed some of the worst for Americans, yet they stood and she stood.

She continued explaining (as you would to a child) that people back in that time we’re neighbors, everyone knew everyone else and when a neighbor needed help the community came together to make sure that everyone had food to eat and a place to sleep even in the worst times Americans shown in their determination and commitment to our free nation.

She told me a story about a couple that had two children and that the parents we’re buying food in the town and eating it before they got back home leaving the children nothing to eat.

As horrible as that might sound its something that will be a great need in the near future.

So the community came together and took the parents placed them in the care of the community, they went home with other neighbors and the kids went to one or two homes depending on how many children there we’re.
In this case the community came together and took care of business, by the way I do not know how the story turned out, she never told me the rest of the story.

I suppose that was enough to know what happened and how the community came together to heal and protect its own.  Of course you know what this dear saint was saying as do I, we don’t even know our neighbors, sure we wave but do you ever stop and talk, (probably not)

we’re too busy surviving to notice that we have neighbors that are hungry.

That is not the way that the greatest generation overcame the obstacles that we’re in their path and they defeated a great enemy and its the same one as before that never changes.

Our greatest enemy is selfishness.

we’re selfish and we’re spoiled, we have in the past been a great nation but now things are changed.

Its not entirely without justice however it is inexcusable, but the truth is the truth and if we don’t wake up to the fact that all lives matter then we’re going to experience something that will make the great depression look like the good old days.

Its scary and its also very true, most people are not only not prepared to face a vast destructive event like floods and earthquakes, but they are not even aware of the fact that you can survive for many days without food, but only a few days without water, do you have water?

Probably not, only Stephen King can really get into this idea that you could become trapped in a vehicle and want to find a bottle of water in the back seat, but its not there you see because for the most part most of America runs around just this side of being dehydrated.

It is the leading cause of death when considered with all ailments come back to proper hydration more so in cardiac cases.

The thing is we’re not prepared to be as great as the greatest generation was and still is in many instances.
But the spirit of America has not yet given up.

It may be weary of all of these prating fools that run around talking about how great things are when they know its not the truth at all, so we have the media.

Who lie to our faces and laugh behind our backs, all the while believing the guff that they spout as if it had any redeeming quality at all.

We are all the people, those of you that have left behind humanity you better start mending fences and making friends or you will fare far worse than most Americans.

The truth is if we don’t know our neighbors how can we trust them?

Think about that for a moment.

I would like to leave you with a nice bit by my bud, )