Why no one really cares about the view

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Allegedly, no many people really watch it, well unless Bill orielly is on at the time…

It is really interesting to watch these so called, open minded liberal people.

Poor Barbra, wa wa why do they call it the view, if no one can have a view different from those alleged cackling hens,

Well if you have been watching the news you may have Not noticed that CNN seems to have covered some of what many people are saying was junk journalism. The story was mostly a bunch of over hyped drama Queens, well really yes, and allegedly on the view Bill orielly made a statement that two of the hosts took an offense to, not sure why, I guess they were offended.

Offended, or offenders, either way the whole story was just sort of crazy.

First of all, the views ratings, are well sort of allegedly dismal.

Which is probably why this was allegedly staged anyway, you figure it out, most of the rest of the US, dont really care at all what they do on that show.