Voter Fraud?

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Is Vote Fraud and election fraud a problem in America?

This cannot be, I mean, I have heard about the dead rising from the grave to vote in elections, and did personally follow one such person from one polling place to another as they voted twice during the last presidential election, but I figured that happens all the time, but wait, that was in a movie right, or some third world country.

Wait, no that is actually something that allegedly has happened here.

Seriously, have a look.

I know how crazy it sounds, but if this is true how can we logically expect other countries that have vote fraud such as in the last Iran election, allegations, and even street protests were in abundance, of course it was denied.

But you know and I say this with reservation, if we as a nation expect other countries to run a clean election then is it not our duty to do the same thing here.

I say that it is time that the dead stop voting in elections in the US, I think that it sends a bad message to other countries.