distust voter fraud

voter fraud in Wisconsin?

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Special interest sponsored voter fraud and intimidation?

Questionable ballots, voters that have been dead for more than a year voting?

Really that is how they want to do this, that is what they want to leave behind to their children?

Was it possible, perhaps even likely with reports that there were more absentee ballots allegedly cast than in the presidential election of 2008, it brings up serious questions about what is going on in Wisconsin.

When the initial reports came in that more ballots were cast in absentee status than in the presidential election that was a big red flag, in fact alarm bells began to go off.

My friends this is not the American way, we do not go out and cheat the voters out of their votes.

How can we ever expect Iraq and Egypt to trust us when we tell them we expect to see an honest election process when we have alleged special interests and partisan politics in action that call into question the things that are happening in Wisconsin.

This is a Shame and the voters will not take this sitting down.