Winconsin Chad

Are Special interests, attempting to over turn the duly elected Government of the State of Wisconsin by Vote fraud?

Why were there allegedly dead people voting?

Will someone take a stand against perversion of justice.

How does it look when we cannot have an election without going to court to prevent people from stealing an election.

When you look at the practice of all these recounts where you can cherry pick your way into a fake election, that my friends is not fair, it is designed to allow someone to choose and pick only those areas where they think they can win.

Will they Recount their way into a fake election, how does this look to those nations that we go into and demand they have fair elections?

Like in Egypt?

How does it look to those people?

Will there be a recount and re re-count and a count of the count of the recount until the liberals fake an election?

In an epic battle over States rights and Unions rights, only one of which is constitutionally valid.

We have news that David Prosser has in fact won, but it is likely that the liberals and little miss Jo Anne, who is not qualified for the position in question, (allegedly) will call for a recount and a re re count and a re re re count until they find a way to fake it until they make it, this is nothing new but this time, they have have a lot more to loose.

With the presidential 2012 election coming up this looks like really bad news for the liberals.

But perhaps it is very good news for republicans since the presidential election campaigns are starting soon to have a big political mess occur in Wisconsin could have long term effects on the way voters feel about the state of the economy and the way things have been run in this nation over the last few years.

WE hope that Jo Anne does try to fake this election because it will work out in the republicans favor, so go and bring it, people know when they are being lied to and the media can lie cheat and steal all they want but in the end it is we the people not the media that make this world work.

Keep an eye out on this issue because the longer this goes on the worse it will be for the democrats in Washington when the next election cycle starts up.


guess what unions have no rights under the constitution.

distust voter fraud

voter fraud in Wisconsin?

Special interest sponsored voter fraud and intimidation?

Questionable ballots, voters that have been dead for more than a year voting?

Really that is how they want to do this, that is what they want to leave behind to their children?

Was it possible, perhaps even likely with reports that there were more absentee ballots allegedly cast than in the presidential election of 2008, it brings up serious questions about what is going on in Wisconsin.

When the initial reports came in that more ballots were cast in absentee status than in the presidential election that was a big red flag, in fact alarm bells began to go off.

My friends this is not the American way, we do not go out and cheat the voters out of their votes.

How can we ever expect Iraq and Egypt to trust us when we tell them we expect to see an honest election process when we have alleged special interests and partisan politics in action that call into question the things that are happening in Wisconsin.

This is a Shame and the voters will not take this sitting down.


harry reid resign liberals must go

what comes around

Is this the best time to fake an election?


Well it appears that the liberals in Wisconsin allegedly backed by some allegedly rogue Unions are causing some issues for the election year in a time when the economy is in a turmoil should not Washington be stepping in to deal with this element that is causing the DNC so much trouble.

Is this the hope and change you voted for?

Do you want more of the same?
If you do then vote your conscious, but be sure that you know what you will be getting.

The first time since the 1970s that there was no cost of living increase for our senior citizens happened in 2009 yes when President Obama was in office, then it happened for the second time, yes when President Obama was in office, now it is for a third time scheduled that there will be no cost of living increase for our senior citizens and yes you got it folks, the liberals in the senate and in Washington are in charge.

So really think about this do you really want more of the same?


How about a food shortage, is that the hope you had in mind?

People, it is time to vote them out, it does not matter if they are republican or democratic or liberals or what ever, if they are not doing their jobs it is time for them to go.

We are all have to make changes, I used to eat out and have a steak dinner twice a month, a celebration of life if you will but I cannot afford to do that any more, and believe me when I say that I miss eating a good meal from time to time, but I have to make changes because things are not the same as they once were.

The cost of Diesel and Gas have gone up, the cost of groceries have gone up the cost of just about everything have gone up.

The newspapers are filled with notices of foreclosure, Crime notices,  thefts taking place daily.

People going to jail over debt, coming soon to a courtroom near you.

You know what, this is not what we voted for and anyone that tries to tell you otherwise is a liar.

Simple as that, we must make changes, that is what is going on in Egypt, and in other parts of the world people want real change not empty hollow promises, speeches are not enough we must have real change.




Many people have questioned the move of Eqypt to cut off all communications to mobile phone networks and Internet service, that is disturbing.

Violence and unrest has been an ongoing issue with more than 30 reported deaths and more, it is a test of freedom but many say that the cost is just too high to count.


This video is disturbing and may not be appropriate for all audiences…