Winconsin Chad

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Are Special interests, attempting to over turn the duly elected Government of the State of Wisconsin by Vote fraud?

Why were there allegedly dead people voting?

Will someone take a stand against perversion of justice.

How does it look when we cannot have an election without going to court to prevent people from stealing an election.

When you look at the practice of all these recounts where you can cherry pick your way into a fake election, that my friends is not fair, it is designed to allow someone to choose and pick only those areas where they think they can win.

Will they Recount their way into a fake election, how does this look to those nations that we go into and demand they have fair elections?

Like in Egypt?

How does it look to those people?

Will there be a recount and re re-count and a count of the count of the recount until the liberals fake an election?

In an epic battle over States rights and Unions rights, only one of which is constitutionally valid.

We have news that David Prosser has in fact won, but it is likely that the liberals and little miss Jo Anne, who is not qualified for the position in question, (allegedly) will call for a recount and a re re count and a re re re count until they find a way to fake it until they make it, this is nothing new but this time, they have have a lot more to loose.

With the presidential 2012 election coming up this looks like really bad news for the liberals.

But perhaps it is very good news for republicans since the presidential election campaigns are starting soon to have a big political mess occur in Wisconsin could have long term effects on the way voters feel about the state of the economy and the way things have been run in this nation over the last few years.

WE hope that Jo Anne does try to fake this election because it will work out in the republicans favor, so go and bring it, people know when they are being lied to and the media can lie cheat and steal all they want but in the end it is we the people not the media that make this world work.

Keep an eye out on this issue because the longer this goes on the worse it will be for the democrats in Washington when the next election cycle starts up.


guess what unions have no rights under the constitution.