Turmoil in Washington?

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With the recent news that the Investigation into wrong doing concerning the email scandal involving the Clinton Campaign you might wonder what is going on with the Department of Justice.

The appearance of impropriety is sobering.

What kind of administration would be produced should Hillary become president.

The truth is shocking and it is disturbing to almost every american.

Should the FBI and the DOJ be infighting?

This is the most corrupt administration we have seen in the history of this nation.

That is what this publication is all about.

Blago Planet is really a means to expose the bias and the hypocrisy of the corrupt system that has in the past been in much better shape.

This is the main reason why we report, it may not always be popular or precise but it demonstrates just how crazy things have become.

What is going to happen?

Will Justice be done?

No one knows for sure one thing seems very clear, there are serious issues that suggest that obstruction is occurring…

We have some serious problems with Washington.

Did they Wipe it “With a Cloth”

We need to have honesty in Washington?

The problem is that Washington really is a SWAMP…