Trump may not participate

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In what many consider to be shocking news, Donald Trump is signaling that he is not going to be participating in the debate, which Personally I think is a really great decision.

Just think about how messed up the Moderators will be, all those hours spent trying to create “Gotcha” questions and trying to pit one candidate against another all wasted breath.

This is why so many people are beginning to like Donald Trump…

There are rumors about what caused this and one of them is that Megyn Kelly was left in position and that is and was a mistake, (allegedly) I can understand that too, she behaved badly and still “thinks” that what she did was ok, (IT WAS NOT OK)

Its time that someone stands up to the media. 

America is sick and tired of the ugly side of politics and how the media wants to put on a dramatic show instead of a real debate.

Watch this Video, this is how debates used to be now its a carnival and circus show.