The real story allegedly

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What happens when you find that you need to buy food but there is no food to buy?  What will you do, Eat your gold?


When times get tough, people come together they share food and shelter, they help each other, they do not do as we have seen recently with some of these so called, unions, they do not parade in the streets and threaten people with violence, last I heard that was illegal and just talking about it would land you in jail, but yet, we have people that apparently are over time allowing this to happen and they are even encouraging it to happen.

What is wrong with America?   Is this the hope and change you voted for?

Hard to believe, that we have people who will not do anything to help themselves.

When you consider that so many people are cutting back and not doing the things they used to do, not going on vacation, not eating out as much, not buying as much, putting off plans that they can no longer afford to complete.

Yet, these selfish people allegedly refuse to pay for their own health care?

Amazing and when you think about it, discusting.