The Fake Opioid Crisis that never was

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Fake Crisis Fake News…

It appears that more often these days we are facing the opposite of the truth when it comes to a Crisis.

The CDC played around with the facts and the figures allegedly in an effort to secure more funding…

They created a new term..  (Opioid Crisis)

They even tricked the president into agreeing to funding at the tune of Millions and Millions of Dollars.

All so that they could have a war on drugs…   Again…

This is the war on drugs 4.0

It really seems to defy the real truth and the real facts to start harassing doctors.

In fact in a local clinic a friend described a situation where a state official or federal official was in a doctors office harassing a doctor and a nurse.


Not doing anything in an official capacity but actually just there harassing and yelling at a doctor and a nurse.

My question is a simple one…

Why are federal official harassing doctors when there are plenty of illegal drug dealers to arrest?

That is a valid question.

Seriously. . .

Is it possible that what we are seeing now is not helping?

That is the real problem here.

We have a government that is going after doctors when it is drug dealers

that are the real problem…

These people that are sadly losing their lives are not patients.

They are not doctors.

They are going to street dealers and getting illegal drugs.

Illegal not legal.

So why are these things happening.

That is what is so infuriating…

Right now I could take you to any large city and point out at least 20 drug dealers dealing illegal drugs on the streets in pain view of the public.

So, why are we seeing doctors and patients being harassed by the DEA?

Simple it’s less dangerous and it is far less likely that anyone would resist.

It is easy to arrest a doctor.

It is easy to jail a patient.

It is easy to get a nurse.

But it is no so easy to confront a criminal on the streets in plain view dealing these drugs that are killing people.

So, great job…   Yet again we see that the CDC is doing nothing to help save lives but actually making it worse.

This is what happens when you politize a government agency.

So while more doctors are being arrested, (yes some of them deserve it, no doubt) but now we have a situation where most doctors are actually (Afraid)

to prescribe a pain medication.

They are fearful.


How is that helping?

When the real problem is illegal drugs like heroin, Meth, Crack Cocaine…

Drug dealers, stand on street corners…

People die…

But the CDC gets its millions and that makes it ok…