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  • Walmart Sams Pharmacies

    Recently it has become evident that Walmart and Sams may be taking actions that may be very controversial. Including selling your information that is your PHI information. Your Private Health Information. You might want to re-consider doing business with a company that is willing to sell your information…

  • The Fake Opioid Crisis that never was

    The Fake Opioid Crisis that never was

    Fake Crisis Fake News… It appears that more often these days we are facing the opposite of the truth when it comes to a Crisis. The CDC played around with the facts and the figures allegedly in an effort to secure more funding… They created a new term..  (Opioid Crisis) They even tricked the president […]

  • ACA lawsuits everywhere

    In the news just about every other day are hundreds of lawsuits, What you have not heard about all the law suits, Well that must be the media that just fail to report the news. This is one of the biggest reasons why many people are getting their news from the internet these days. For […]