Weiner photos

Did the release of all those incriminating photos cause weiner to resign?

It is interesting to understand how politics work, because this guy is not without a job and a future, and just a short time ago, he was, ok well he was sort of a boil on the butt of the democratic party, but did he deserve this?

You do have to wonder if someone loosed the purse strings enough to give the guy a parachute…

Perhaps that is what in the end caused him to reconsider, either way that is two highly controversial democratic congressman who have lost their jobs over the last year, actually a lot more than that if you add up all those that have been voted out of office.

Some have even said that if he had just told the truth and not engaged in obvious and often infuriating tactics, he might have still been employed.

We may never know the truth but for sure we know that this is not the way that your represent your state and your supporters, what he may have allegedly had was a mental illness, but the fact remains that he had a duty to remain above the board as the old saying goes and he failed to do that.


weiner should he resign

The question remains, should wiener resign and seek mental help?

Should he run for the senate?

You just never know I guess, but it just seems strange to me.

One thing that should be considered, is the mental anguish that this situation is putting on what is obviously a man that is somewhat unstable, just as the world watched in fascination as Charlie Sheen seemed to be self destructing, the thing is with what does appear to be an unstable personality such as mr. weiner, we hope that his friends will keep an eye on him to make sure that if he needs some help he gets it.

In fact, he would not be the first congressman that had to enter rehab, just a thought.


weiner twitter pics

This is really a damaging story on this issue, in a new conference, that was not managed well only one half of the conversation was available.  There are photos out there that are purported to be Anthony Weiner, however, it is unproven and as much as we would like to publish these photographs we do feel that the issue is self supporting.

So what is going on here was he hacked or not? update looks like not…


As most everyone knows by now there weiner is in a lot of hot water, (pardon the pun) but when you look at this guys history of yelling and screaming in public places, you really cannot feel sorry for the guy.

Then you watch video of him telling lies, and you can tell that something is wrong with the guy, we hope that he gets the help that he needs but between that time and now, it would be good if the guy had done the right thing, a phrase he has used liberally over the last few years, yet when it comes to doing the manly thing apparently the guy is not prepared to give up the power he has by being a member of congress.

I am certain that Americans are quite tired of the double standard that the media allegedly perpetrates on the public.

Had this been a republican it is very likely that the liberal based media would be running endless stories about how he should have already resigned and they would have kept on an on about the issues that effect this congressman, but the double standard is visible and it is a very serious problem, when we cannot trust the media to report and to hold the public to the same standards, then how can we trust what they report.

double standards have no place in the media.



Now its your turn sir, perhaps you should examine your path in order to find your future.

This is what you have when you have allegedly mentally ill people in office.

Now the man has the opportunity to do the right thing and admit he made an error in judgment.

The democrat double standard, with so many politicians in the past that have been caught up in scandals, what is the difference between those men that did the right thing and those that deny the truth?

Simple, they manned up and took it like a man, no one respects a man who cannot stand up and be a man.

What this man has done is to show the world just what kind of man he really is.


update, looks like Anthony weiner has come clean at least as far as admitting that his behavior was allegedly wrong, regrettable, and several adverbs, to suggest that he was wrong a few tears were shed, convincing enough I suppose, however the main thing here remains, congress should be above such behavior, truth, for sure.

One thing that was not covered by the liberal media was the fact that this behavior is an alleged mental stability issue, people that sit in front of their computers, and work in congress, have no business engaging in such behavior, true, a lot of people do this type of thing, and true it is not socially acceptable, however in the end the very real fact remains, when representing your state in congress do you not have a duty to conduct yourself in a responsible manner?


weiner admission

In a statement made in a public forum, weiner comes clean and admits that he sent the pictures that formally he had implied that someone hacked his account, however one thing is interesting here is if someone else had done this would it not be a crime to falsely say that he was hacked.

Weiner regrets mistake that he made…

Should weiner resign now, and save the people further embarrassment.

We know that if this were a republican they would have resigned by now.

So the press is on a feeding frenzy, wow, it is like blood in the water here and the sharks are circling.

Ok, well I have to say that this guy is in some really hot water, and he has apologized to his family and the media, but will it be enough.

Calls for Weiner to resign allegedly become louder…

Will Weiner do the manly thing and go ahead and resign because after everything that has happened, there is no way he will hold his position in congress, perhaps its better to resign than to continue this madness.


Is weiner a liar?

The question that many people have is simply this, if weiner was man enough to allegedly send a picture of his, well, weiner, to a young woman, then why is he not man enough to admit that he did this and get on with his career, I mean the guy is allegedly a huge joke, around Washington, no one really takes this guy seriously right?

You see this guy and you almost feel sorry for him, but not quite, because he has a problem with shooting off his mouth in public, in fact he likes to yell and scream at other people.

So, when this scandal broke, we did not feel sorry for mr, weiner.

We felt like he should be as manly about how that picture got to that innocent girl, (allegedly innocent) as he is about his rants in congress when he uses up valuable time ranting and screaming at people that have actually served their nation.

He on the other hand has not really done much (that we can find) unless you count being some what unfaithful at least in his heart, to his wife, so in that measure, you really feel a little sorry for the guy but then you remember how he tends to shout and scream at people and you no longer feel sorry for him at all.

So what do you think about this guy?

Should he admit what he has done, every one knows that if your a democrat, or is that demoncrat, you never can tell these days, anyway, they have this thing that is a double standard.

If your a republican, the media, calls for investigations and the senator or congressman must step down and resign right away, even if they are not guilty. All it takes is that someone thinks they might be guilty.

If the media were fair about this then they would be asking and demanding that weiner resign.

Everything about this case suggests that this man is guilty.

Yet because he is a democrat, or demoncrat, he plans on walking for what he has done, you just have to wonder, if this is really what the democrats are all about, is this why we are in such a bad shape in this nation now?



weiner in congress

You just cant make this stuff up I mean this is what is wrong with Washington…

This is what we have in charge of our nation, alleged, mentally ill people.


stupid weiner allegedly

Funny Weiner

This is just almost scary when you see this, are you not embarrassed to be from new york?

When you look at the behavior of this fellow you have to wonder, what is going on up in congress, is it not time to send these alleged sickos home.


weiner again

Once again, here we go, is it not time to vote him out?

When you have someone that acts like a child in a room full of adults, what can you expect will be the result?

America is a group of people, we are all different, we like different things, some of us like vanilla Ice cream other may like chocolate, or perhaps strawberry, the point is that you cannot have one person trying to say that their point of view about a particular thing is the only point of view at all.


Is weiner a weiner?

Vote them out

Vote them out

Vote them out.

Vote this guy out of office, because well you know what he just allegedly is not the kind of man that really can represent the public, anyone else acting like this in public would be in jail…

Its time to put these liberals out of office.

What kind of man allegedly spins the truth, and projects the alleged falsehood, onto his opposition.

Is this man a problem to the people who elected, him?

Do we need people like this in our government?

When will people like him tell the whole truth about what was in that bill he was wanting so badly, which allegedly had little to do with what he was railing about, like a prating child, allegedly.

When a man cannot act like he is representing America, and not a dictatorship it is time for that man to go home, Wiener must go home.

Time for this guy to be UNSEATED. Time to put him out, we dont need this kind of behavior…

This was done for the camera’s, because if it was not for the camera’s would Anthony, not give his own very handsome salary to help those poor people, I mean, If he is as Angry as he appears to be when on camera, why not help the people who really need help?

People are sick of congress acting like they are children, if we wanted, kids playing games, we could have that at minimum wage.

If you are tired of all the lies, by liberals, that think they are better than anyone or smarter than anyone, then donate to the campaign to elect someone “ANYONE” to replace this guy because he is not fit to lead.

Elect Bob Turner

The following is alleged, and if it is true you should vote this guy out of office because this is not the way we behave in congress.

Is this guy telling the truth or is it just spin spin spin, about every thing coming out of this guys mouth is just plain strange.

Vote Weiner out of office, better yet donate to someone who is running against him.

Time to go, we are sick of the lies of politicians.

This is the guy should be honest, but he cant he has to spin spin spin because all he has is lies, he has no choice but to lie every time he opens his mouth because the truth is that democrats are going to be voted out of office because of the unpopular decisions made by this whitehouse.

Lets vote this guy out, he does not deserve to represent America.

This is wrong, this is not what America needs in congress and this is why, we need to UN SEAT WEINER.

Just click the donate button, so we can get rid of this guy once and for all, He is a shame and disgrace on the face of the congress.