Is weiner a weiner?

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Vote them out

Vote them out

Vote them out.

Vote this guy out of office, because well you know what he just allegedly is not the kind of man that really can represent the public, anyone else acting like this in public would be in jail…

Its time to put these liberals out of office.

What kind of man allegedly spins the truth, and projects the alleged falsehood, onto his opposition.

Is this man a problem to the people who elected, him?

Do we need people like this in our government?

When will people like him tell the whole truth about what was in that bill he was wanting so badly, which allegedly had little to do with what he was railing about, like a prating child, allegedly.

When a man cannot act like he is representing America, and not a dictatorship it is time for that man to go home, Wiener must go home.

Time for this guy to be UNSEATED. Time to put him out, we dont need this kind of behavior…

This was done for the camera’s, because if it was not for the camera’s would Anthony, not give his own very handsome salary to help those poor people, I mean, If he is as Angry as he appears to be when on camera, why not help the people who really need help?

People are sick of congress acting like they are children, if we wanted, kids playing games, we could have that at minimum wage.

If you are tired of all the lies, by liberals, that think they are better than anyone or smarter than anyone, then donate to the campaign to elect someone “ANYONE” to replace this guy because he is not fit to lead.

Elect Bob Turner

The following is alleged, and if it is true you should vote this guy out of office because this is not the way we behave in congress.

Is this guy telling the truth or is it just spin spin spin, about every thing coming out of this guys mouth is just plain strange.

Vote Weiner out of office, better yet donate to someone who is running against him.

Time to go, we are sick of the lies of politicians.

This is the guy should be honest, but he cant he has to spin spin spin because all he has is lies, he has no choice but to lie every time he opens his mouth because the truth is that democrats are going to be voted out of office because of the unpopular decisions made by this whitehouse.

Lets vote this guy out, he does not deserve to represent America.

This is wrong, this is not what America needs in congress and this is why, we need to UN SEAT WEINER.

Just click the donate button, so we can get rid of this guy once and for all, He is a shame and disgrace on the face of the congress.