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Now its your turn sir, perhaps you should examine your path in order to find your future.

This is what you have when you have allegedly mentally ill people in office.

Now the man has the opportunity to do the right thing and admit he made an error in judgment.

The democrat double standard, with so many politicians in the past that have been caught up in scandals, what is the difference between those men that did the right thing and those that deny the truth?

Simple, they manned up and took it like a man, no one respects a man who cannot stand up and be a man.

What this man has done is to show the world just what kind of man he really is.


update, looks like Anthony weiner has come clean at least as far as admitting that his behavior was allegedly wrong, regrettable, and several adverbs, to suggest that he was wrong a few tears were shed, convincing enough I suppose, however the main thing here remains, congress should be above such behavior, truth, for sure.

One thing that was not covered by the liberal media was the fact that this behavior is an alleged mental stability issue, people that sit in front of their computers, and work in congress, have no business engaging in such behavior, true, a lot of people do this type of thing, and true it is not socially acceptable, however in the end the very real fact remains, when representing your state in congress do you not have a duty to conduct yourself in a responsible manner?