Tag: Treason

  • FBI embarrassed by possibility of mentally ill agent?

    Is it possible that the one man that was testifying or rather reciting alleged memorized statements and denying that he was biased and may have done some very bad things in the process of Not Doing his Job… Is the FBI embarrassed? I think the answer to that is a big yes… When you begin […]

  • Fired? or Charged Criminally?

    Should the former Attorney General Sally be charged with a crime? She was fired because she refused to do the job that she swore under oath and the bible that she would do… She did not do that and she did not do the minimum that the job required her to do. She did that […]

  • Media interferrance in 2012 election?

       So if you believe the media Obama has already won…   You Lie… Why the Media is getting away with Treason? Has the media gone out of its way to trouble and or interfere with the election cycle as a pundit, an opinionated slobbering malcontent that continually seeks to present one view while attempting […]

  • Olive Garden Treason?

    Is Olive Garden a Treasonous, bunch of Lying Political correctness, activists? Should we boycott Olive Garden? If you are ashamed of the American Flag, (Get out) We do not need you here. This is America, This is our flag….  I am sick and tired of Anti American Political correctness, you know what if you don’t […]

  • Politics in the Media

    Is the media is biased to the point of treason? In many ways, the media has begun to take over the process of elections, that would seem to be an indication that there is a big problem in the media, from bias to outright liars, in some cases we have seen liberals talking about things […]

  • suspend elections?

    In what could be the beginning of the end for the allegedly liberally embattled, Governor of North Carolina, a statement was made about What might be viewed by some at least as an alleged crime, or even perhaps treason?  Perhaps, depending on what the governor really meant because the constitution is the basis for our […]

  • Stand for America

    Take a stand for America, because the time is now or never, if we do not save America, there will not be an America for our Children to enjoy, The Republican’s need to stand up and no matter what the democrats threaten to do no matter what they say they will do, even if the […]

  • The news story no one is covering?

    Raise the debt, Raise the Debt you can almost here the mythic chanting of the democrats but when will the media cover the real story here and that is a simple thing, when you have spent as much money as you can spend and you can spend no more money because you already are in […]

  • 14th Amendment?

    Some Democrats have suggested that the current President, might be able to “invoke” the 14th Amendment, to try and destroy the American Economy? What?  That sounds like the actions of a traitor to the constitution. An Enemy of the people?  Is it possible that someone might try to subvert the will of the American people […]