FBI embarrassed by possibility of mentally ill agent?

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Is it possible that the one man that was testifying or rather reciting alleged memorized statements and denying that he was biased and may have done some very bad things in the process of Not Doing his Job…

Is the FBI embarrassed?

I think the answer to that is a big yes…

When you begin to look at the testimony of this man and you begin to look at how he acts and the facial expressions on his face it is obvious to anyone that there is something very wrong with this man.

I know one thing most of America and most of the world as well are embarrassed by this mans behavior, (allegedly)

I find it impossible that this man was not biased.

Yet, we have an Inspector, that said they investigated themselves and found

that they did nothing wrong..

It is defiance and not only that but something more…

What we have here is a man who appears to be unstable.


What many Voting Americans should be asking themselves is this…

Who is responsible for this disaster?

Just who is the one person that could have prevented this monstrosity of a PR nightmare from happening in the first place.

Who failed to do their job..

There are so many things wrong with this entire situation and this guy is allegedly still getting paid…

That is what is really difficult to understand.

When you look at that then this kind of just sums up the entire situation.

This guy just looks like he is angry and anger is not the state of mind that anyone in a position of authority should be in at any time.

But he is angry…