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IRS Criminal Investigation?

In the news today a novel idea was floated, the Idea that something Criminal has been going on behind closed doors at the I.R.S.

Ok, this just proves that the media are run by people that have no clue at all, on top of that the congress was asking the same question, “Is this a criminal investigation?”

Meaning has someone as yet unidentified done something criminal at the I.R.S.?

So actually its really sort of like being a bit of a jerk to be surprised at anything that is not a criminal action happening lately at those hallowed holes.

When will America wake up because from here it looks like the media have the minds of a simpleton, the behavior of a bully and the cowardice of low men.

2016 is getting closer, just remember all of these issues, because if you think this is bad, just wait you are likely to see things that would make you cry in a 2016 world where more incompetent people are left in charge of the store.

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Nancy Pelosi out of touch?

Oh, Nancy, Oh Nancy, Pelosi, how would you ever act were your party to be defeated and ostracized by the voting public, would you act contrite or would you simply behave as if there were nothing wrong at all.

The United states is a republic, yet today Nancy seemed to not realize that.  Amazing that this woman was elected at all much less elected as a minority leader of a party that is coming to an end.

Were not sure because when the congress was convened today it sounded like Nancy did not fully understand what had happened to the democratic party.

Nancy repeated several times the idea that america is a democracy.

That is not accurate at all, America is a republic.

But Nancy seemed to not realize this.

That is incredible, but the idea that the citizens of San Francisco appear to have no one else to vote for.


2015 will congress change?

For years now we have as a nation celebrated the new year with resolutions, to do better, to improve our lives, to make more money, to lose those extra pounds of weight.

Can Congress make a difference in how they do business?

We all hope so for the hope of our nation.

So often new years resolutions are quickly cast aside however it is important to this next congress that the ignorance of Harry Reid policies are Erased.

Eradicated, from history as if the things he did to this nation  never existed at all.

Harry Reid, created dishonor and caused great mistrust by the American people.


Continuing Resolution Joke

It seems as if people in the Media and people in Washington DC, think that this is one big joke.

Have we not learned a thing at all?

We have a 1600 plus page bill that few if anyone has actually read…

We have a congress that passes bills they do not read…

That is a huge issue and one that the people have sent their chosen representatives to congress to solve.

So, what does the republican house do?

Lead by John Boehner, the house agrees to spend

1.1 Trillion Dollars???


High Deductable

Imagine paying for health insurance that does not pay?

Makes you wonder.

The truth about corruption in the health insurance business is easy to see, yet no one in congress has done a thing about it, why is that?

Simple, they get their health care free.

They do not care about other people that make minimum wage and can barely afford to pay for insurance at all.

What good does it do to have health care if your deductible is set so high that you cannot afford to use the insurance.

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democrats setting bad example?

Is it true that democrats are setting a bad example for the rest of America?

You could say that this is a common theme with democrats.

However the biggest problem now for democrats is not what they plan to do it is how they have done things for the last six years.

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Falling for nothing…

There is a country song that says

“If you dont stand for something you will fall for anyting”

In many news reports the media are crying like babies and they have come up with a progressive solution to the voice of the people.

The voice of the people was heard clearly yet some refused to hear it.

They came up with several excuses for why they do not want to
“hear the People”

One is even the people who were not interested in voting against the aweful polities of the far far left were somehow heard in the recent election results.

(We never heard this excuse for an election where the democrats did well and republians stayed home…)

Then we heard the tired old, well if the republicians want to get something done they will have to bend to the will of the losing party?

Yet another one is that since congress has refused to act that its now time to turn America into a dictatorship?

Please people if your going to come up with nonsense try to make it at least sound plausible…

When the democrats win they say, “We Won…)

When they are in charge of both the house and the Senate, they say were not going to do anything unless you come around to our way of thinking…

IN fact they try to say that the gridlock in congress is a republician thing, but the truth is far different.

Harry Reid, has not passed a budget…

Harry Reid has not allowed a vote to come up for more than 300 bills which basically says that he is not doing is sworn duty yet nothing happens, were that a republician, he would be censord and likely impreached.

The media would be cheering it along by covering the trumped up news story like there is no tommorow yet when Harry Reid does it, Nothing from the media at all.

I believe that the American Public is sick and tired of the double standards and many just stayed home this last election.

The republicians are rallying their troups in an epic immagration battle rayale.

But considering the “Success, LOL) of all the previous policies of the progressive and liberal agendas that have been so far attempted, what makes anyone think that this will somehow be successful at all?

It is true that the seperations of powers must be enforced no matter what because no One Man may silence the voice of the people no matter how convuluted that persons mental processes may be.

This is about more than an idology.

This is about the Millions of Americans that have laid down their lives protecting the constitution of these United States of America.

The biggest mistake that the liberals are making with attempting to legalize illegal aliens, is that they “think” that this group of (new voters) will be voting for them.

The problem with that issue is a simple one, just because a group may be included in a voting block does not mean that their values are the same values of progressive liberals…

Simple right, logical Right… Sure, but this simple logic escapes these self proclaimed “Smarter than Thou” policians and special interst groups.

Where the rubber meets the road is that the people cannot be fooled as in the past for one very simple reason, we are not stupid.

This is not the middle ages where most men women and children could not read the written word.

Its time to consider the truth and to develop a way to get America back to a better place, if we fail to learn from history then there is no way to learn at all.



586,000 Americans Agree

Its something that you might not really believe but its true there are a lot of people out there that feel the same way you do.

Millions of Americans might be willing to see a president impeached if he went too far...
Millions of Americans might be willing to see a president impeached if he went too far…


You might wonder if it would be the right thing to do to impeach the president?

Its possible that if the president moves to make law from the white house instead of the congress that it might be time to go ahead and start drafting the articles of impeachment or apologize to nixon.

No one knows for sure what will be in those documents and one thing seems clear most people are against making law outside of congress.

One welcome thing would be to put an end to some student loans that are outdated and too old to enforce.

With the average interest rate at less than one quarter of a percent in most banks, the idea of charging 8 percent on a student loan is offensive.

Yet we hear nothing about fixing those problems.

It may be time to deal with a sore loser by reminding the man that we are the people, this is not a democracy…

This is a republic.

The thoughts and or opinions of the writer in no way translate to the owners of this website or the opinions of editors.


Harry Reid and the kangaroo kourt

Imagine a world where your vote does not count.

A world where the entire world may be in favor of democracy but is over ruled by this man?

Who do they think they are?

When you look and listen to this statement you will learn something about people like harry reid, it is the same thing that we saw happen in 1944, when an entire race of people decided to look the other way while horrors were perpetrated on the people.

Yet, when the whole of the world does not agree with Harry Reid, what does he allegedly do?

He makes the alleged statement that race is involved, he does things that only an alleged fool would do.

Is this the actions of a man who represents the people of the state of Nevada?

Is this a man who is allegedly senile and medically unfit for duty?

Or is this the mind of a man who is no longer fit for duty under the laws of the United States of America.

Were not sure what the problem is but one thing we are sure of its time for the people to take back the congress.

It is time for the congress to return to the peoples business.

It is not the business of congress to force a business to provide controversial health products that anyone can get or receive at little or no money involved.

Its simple and it is affordable.

In fact allegedly you would find it difficult to find anyone who honestly even wants this thing.

Yet, people like Harry, want to force it on you, this is what is wrong in congress and it is time for the people to vote.


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Runoff in Mississippi

Too Close to call in Mississippi.