Continuing Resolution Joke

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It seems as if people in the Media and people in Washington DC, think that this is one big joke.

Have we not learned a thing at all?

We have a 1600 plus page bill that few if anyone has actually read…

We have a congress that passes bills they do not read…

That is a huge issue and one that the people have sent their chosen representatives to congress to solve.

So, what does the republican house do?

Lead by John Boehner, the house agrees to spend

1.1 Trillion Dollars???

Are they insane?


Conservative radio talk show host and author Laura Ingraham issued sharp criticism to Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner on Thursday, saying that the Continuing Resolution Omnibus, or what has simply become know as “cromnibus,” is a 1,600 page joke.” 

This is an amazing development and when you think about it passing a spending bill that covers the first Nine Months of the new congress term is really a huge slap in the face of the American people one that many say they will not forget.

There is a quiet war going on in the republican party just as there is in the democratic party.

They have it all wrong and they either are willfully ignorant or they do not care about what the people think, say or how they vote.

The bill, which barely passed the House of Representatives, barely passed Thursday night, the deadline for avoiding a partial government shutdown, by an ultra slim margin of 210 – 206, with 67 conservative Republicans voting against the $1.1 trillion stop-gap measure.

There were 57 Democrats that voted with their big government Republican brethren for the increase in overall spending that fully funds Obama’s illegal amnesty as well as the hated Obamacare disaster. 

Ingraham delivered a stinging blow to Boehner, comparing him despised communist Democrat Nancy Pelosi, playing her infamous words, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it,” as the 1,600 page behemoth was presented and voted upon before any members could have possibly had time to read it. 

We have Republicans turning their backs on the very people that built this majority,” Ingraham added, saying that GOP leadership has thumbed its nose at the conservative base of the Republican Party. 

Think about what they have done…


   They have not only insulted the voters but they have insulted the representatives that the voters elected to stop what is happening in this lame duck congress.

Its time to send a message to Washington that the people will not stand for traitors in the congress.

Ingraham continued, warning that the base of the party will not be mocked a third time: 

“We will not forget the betrayal. And there will come a time where you will come calling on us. You will need us to help you. When that day comes, don’t be surprised if many of those rock-ribbed conservatives across the country…will not answer the call to help you because you’ve beaten them down so badly. You’ve betrayed them so terribly. You’re not going to betray them a third time.”