democrats setting bad example?

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Is it true that democrats are setting a bad example for the rest of America?

You could say that this is a common theme with democrats.

However the biggest problem now for democrats is not what they plan to do it is how they have done things for the last six years.

The truth about democrats now is that they are really making a huge mistake.

They call it a lame duck congress because of the fact that normally only the most limited amount of business is done traditionally.

This is a courtesy that has been respected for many years.

That courtesy is setup this way on purpose.

That way the incoming congress can create the plans they want to create.

No matter if it is one party or another this has been respected over the many years of the many congresses.

Yet, Harry Reid, is about to do several somethings that could create a prevailing thread that the democrats might hate to see in the near future.

So what we are seeing right now is an example that is going to create a new generation of scape goating.

Which is a practice of doing something that is empirically wrong and benefits one small group or organization.

Imagine what might happen if this practice were to become common.

The next administration might decide to pass some legal ordinances that would allow big oil huge tax breaks over the next 20 years.

What if they decided to allow corporations to only pay a small percentage of its tax obligation.

You see the what if here could be an unlimited method of graft and destruction.

Perhaps its time to take steps to insure that Harry Reid, does not create a political sink hole that could end up causing serious problems for many years to come.

They might think that most people are stupid and do not care what happens but the truth is very different.

People are paying attention and the people have spoken.

Its time to stop Harry Reid from ruining this nation for a few bucks.


At this very moment, Barack Obama and Harry Reid are planning a parting gift for Big Labor.

And if they get away with it, union bosses will continue to have a labor board they can turn to for new power grabs that are unlikely to pass in the new Congress.

That’s why Union-label Senate Leader Harry Reid is fast-tracking the nomination of another forced-unionism advocate through the “lame duck” Senate.

Tim, the next few weeks are more dangerous than ever.

You see, after January 4, Big Labor won’t have Harry Reid in charge to ram their forced-unionism agenda through Congress.

So Lauren McFerran’s nomination is Big Labor’s top priority for the lame duck.

That’s why I urgently need you to sign your petition to your U.S Senators opposing Lauren McFerran’s nomination to the NLRB right away!