Falling for nothing…

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There is a country song that says

“If you dont stand for something you will fall for anyting”

In many news reports the media are crying like babies and they have come up with a progressive solution to the voice of the people.

The voice of the people was heard clearly yet some refused to hear it.

They came up with several excuses for why they do not want to
“hear the People”

One is even the people who were not interested in voting against the aweful polities of the far far left were somehow heard in the recent election results.

(We never heard this excuse for an election where the democrats did well and republians stayed home…)

Then we heard the tired old, well if the republicians want to get something done they will have to bend to the will of the losing party?

Yet another one is that since congress has refused to act that its now time to turn America into a dictatorship?

Please people if your going to come up with nonsense try to make it at least sound plausible…

When the democrats win they say, “We Won…)

When they are in charge of both the house and the Senate, they say were not going to do anything unless you come around to our way of thinking…

IN fact they try to say that the gridlock in congress is a republician thing, but the truth is far different.

Harry Reid, has not passed a budget…

Harry Reid has not allowed a vote to come up for more than 300 bills which basically says that he is not doing is sworn duty yet nothing happens, were that a republician, he would be censord and likely impreached.

The media would be cheering it along by covering the trumped up news story like there is no tommorow yet when Harry Reid does it, Nothing from the media at all.

I believe that the American Public is sick and tired of the double standards and many just stayed home this last election.

The republicians are rallying their troups in an epic immagration battle rayale.

But considering the “Success, LOL) of all the previous policies of the progressive and liberal agendas that have been so far attempted, what makes anyone think that this will somehow be successful at all?

It is true that the seperations of powers must be enforced no matter what because no One Man may silence the voice of the people no matter how convuluted that persons mental processes may be.

This is about more than an idology.

This is about the Millions of Americans that have laid down their lives protecting the constitution of these United States of America.

The biggest mistake that the liberals are making with attempting to legalize illegal aliens, is that they “think” that this group of (new voters) will be voting for them.

The problem with that issue is a simple one, just because a group may be included in a voting block does not mean that their values are the same values of progressive liberals…

Simple right, logical Right… Sure, but this simple logic escapes these self proclaimed “Smarter than Thou” policians and special interst groups.

Where the rubber meets the road is that the people cannot be fooled as in the past for one very simple reason, we are not stupid.

This is not the middle ages where most men women and children could not read the written word.

Its time to consider the truth and to develop a way to get America back to a better place, if we fail to learn from history then there is no way to learn at all.




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