skewed polling bias

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The media have made it clear that they think that the American voter is stupid.

What other conclusion is there?

When you look at how skewed the polling is then you have to understand just how dishonest and biased the media have become.

The thing is this is not something new.

So, apparently the media have been at this for a long time.



Reagan Trailed Carter 58% to 33% in March 1980

When Reagan Won in a landslide the media were scratching their heads they just could not understand what had occurred, however it seems clear that they knew full well what they had done they just could not believe that what they tried to do with biased polls and negative coverage did not work.

Every time that something else comes out about hillary clinton they show the polls going higher.

The problem is that the polls are not accurate mostly because people do not stay at home to answer their land lines to participate in polls.


You can’t call cell phones and if you did you would not get much response this is why you only see 400 to 900 people in a poll.

They did that recently in Pennsylvania they polls 722 people the problem is that there are hundreds of thousands of voters not just 722 voters.

Polls just do not work anymore people do not believe in them.

People do not trust the media.

In fact most of america is more apt to trust the government than the media.

when you think about it you can definitely tell that what the media are doing is wrong.

They believe that everyone but they themselves are ignorant, stupid and they do not see just how wrong that behavior is.

Any Psychologist or other qualified doctor would tell you that this kind of behavior is a sign of mental illness.

So, even after so many years these people who think they are so smart are still trying to do the same things that have failed in the past they just for some reason still think that they are smarter than you are anyone you know.

The only way to save America is to vote in this election.